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Our innovation approach

Connected to the innovation ecosystems

Innovation is one of the pillars of the Group’s strategy. Innovating enables Air Liquide to ensure its competitiveness, open up new markets and to create new growth opportunities. In our culture of innovation, ideas, collaborations, agility and entrepreneurship are inseparable.

Supporting the trends

Air Liquide has boosted its innovation effort to support the trends that drive its markets: the digital revolution, urbanization, aging population, industry globalization and resources constraints.

Our innovation approach is built on the longstanding scientific and technological expertise of the Group – represented by our Research & Development department, our Engineering & Construction business unit and our Centers of Expertise. Our digital transformation teams work on the user experience of our clients and patients with the i-lab, innovation lab.

The new Global Markets & Technologies business unit focuses on new markets requiring a global approach. It includes advanced Business & Technologies – aB&T, in charge of opening new markets relating to the energy transition and developing the Space, Aerospace and extreme cryogenics businesses – and Air Liquide Maritime, in charge of developing gas usages by the actors in the maritime sector.

ALIAD, our structure investing in minority stakes in technological start-ups, promotes the Group’s access to innovations developed outside the Group.

Our operations teams in the 80 countries where the Group is present deploy our innovative offerings locally as soon as they are available to the market.

Strengthening integration within innovation ecosystems

In a constantly changing world, the dynamic management of interactions with innovation ecosystems, which is known as “open innovation”, has become a key innovation factor.

Thanks to the development of a large number of collaborations between its operating and Innovation entities and customers, scientific partners and technology institutes, SMEs, suppliers and start-ups, this “open innovation” allows Air Liquide to explore new growth opportunities.


€288 M

Innovation expenses in 2016


new patents in 2016


employees contributing to innovation