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Air Liquide in India Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases

Air Liquide India provides innovative, responsive and customer focused services with the highest safety standards and offer a wide range of industrial gases, specialty gases & gaseous solutions which improves the performance of our customers, while helping them reduce their environmental impact.We can arrange supply systems to get those gases to our customer safely and efficiently

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At Air Liquide, we constantly imagine new gasous products and gaseous applications to drive improvement for our customers and industries. This inventiveness is our hallmark. It is key for our competitiveness. We are open-minded, solution-driven and committed. We can deliver the right gas solution at the right moment. To meet our customers’ day-to-day needs, we offer standard industrial gases and mixtures. To address their application-specific requirements, we market premium industrial gases and mixtures. To optimize customers’ production or solve their issues, we design all-in-one process solutions by combining our gases with application equipment and expertise. All this, with high safety and quality standards, thanks to our utmost reliable supply chain.

Read on to find out more about our offers for various industry segments.

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Air Liquide aims to develop high value-added solutions to reduce energy consumption and to optimize the manufacturing process by the implementation of fully integrated clean technologies. Customers can be assured that our solutions are highly reliable and create substantial energy efficiencies.

Oxygen, nitrogen, and argon are required for a number of applications in the metal industry, ranging from oxygen enrichment for blast furnaces to surface protection and degasification with inert gases (nitrogen and argon).

Air Liquide India has the resources necessary to design, build and operate large oxygen units that can meet these needs. Our Air Separation Units (ASUs) are a case in point: they use our latest technologies to compress, liquefy, and distill air in order to separate it into oxygen, nitrogen, and other rare gases. Depending upon the requirement, Air Liquide India is fully equipped to supply gases in massive volumes via pipelines or onsite production units and if required in medium or small volumes via bulk liquid supply or cylinders.

Industry Applications
Steel Making
Metallurgical Products


Download our brochures: BOOSTAL™ SPAL™ ALNAT-P ALNAT-C

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We deliver competitive oxy-combustion offers, from gas supply to comprehensive solutions to the metallurgy industry.


Automotive & Fabrication

At Air Liquide, we understand the industrial values of the automotive industry. Our range of automotive customers being catered with most efficient supply modes, be it loose cylinders, nested bundles of 16 cyl, Liquid / bulk supply modes or on-site gas generation facility. High pressure 300 bar cylinders are also very first in India from Air Liquide.


Process Application
Fab & Assembly
Service & Parts


Download our brochures: ALNAT-P ALNAT-C ARCAL™ LASAL™  NEXELIA for laser welding 

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300bar cylinders launched for the first time in India, by Air Liquide

Metal Treatment & Fabrication

Air Liquide draws on its over 100 years’ experience in the fabrication industry to develop specialized gases, equipment and services for a range of welding, cutting, coating, heating, and cryogenic treatment applications. We supply gases and mixtures of gases such as argon, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen in compressed gas cylinders or in bulk liquid cryogenic tanks depending on the volume needed. Our ARCAL™, LASAL™, FLAMAL™ and ALNAT™ brand gases, equipment and services have been developed by our network of experts to meet the diverse needs of the metal fabrication industry.


Process Application
Integrated Fab Sites
Metal Treatment Shops
Fab Shops


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Air Liquide provides solutions along all stages of the glass production process, from melting to forming end products.


Air Liquide India also markets comprehensive gas solutions customized to all subsectors of the industry, ranging from tableware and flat glass, to technical glass such as fiberglass or solar panels. We provide solutions along all stages of the glass production process, from melting to forming end products. To complete our offer, we deliver a competitive oxygen supply adapted to our customers' needs, particularly through energy-efficient on-site oxygen generation systems.

We offer the following applications for the glass industry:

  • Oxy-combustion for melting
  • Oxy-combustion for glass polishing
  • Oxy-combustion for  glass edge melting
  • Oxy-combustion for carbon black deposit for mould fabrication
  • Reducing atmosphere over tin bath for float glass
  • Filling of light bulbs with insulated gas

Download Brochure : ALGLASS™ brochure

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Chemical companies strive to reduce their environmental footprint and meet stringent regulations, while creating innovative products.


As the industry leader, Air Liquide is best positioned to meet the diverse needs of chemical industry and to suggest ever more appropriate gas and energy solutions: cost management, hazard reduction, production optimization, etc.

Air Liquide offers an integrated value proposition for large-scale chemical manufacturers. Our over-the-fence and pipeline supply options for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and syngas are central to our offer, in addition to specialty gas calibration standards for analysis, process control and environmental compliance. We also supply a range of proprietary production and processing technologies. Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions offers a full suite of customizable solutions for the chemicals industry to help optimize and integrate processes with smarter and efficient technologies.

We offer the following applications for the glass industry:

  • Oxidation reactions or debottlenecking
  • Hydrogenation reactions
  • Carbonylation reactions
  • Process gas, blanketing, drying, purging, stirring

Download our brochures: VESTAL™ ALPHAGAZ™

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Our goal at Air Liquide India is to help customers reduce their environmental impact, to attain maximum efficiency at reasonable costs and to confirm to the strictest of environmental legislation. We provide oxy-combustion solution to reduce toxic gas (NOx / CO) levels & recycle metals; water treatment solution to reduce COD (Chemical Oxygen demand) /BOD (Biological Oxygen demand) levels; solutions to recover solvents from emission; gas solutions for the measurement pollution control instruments.  

Metal recycling Air Liquide has developed BOOSTAL™ solution with oxy-combustion technologies that draw on the power of pure oxygen instead of air in burners, to increase existing production capacities, production efficiency product quality and minimize environmental footprints.
Air pollution control Air Liquide supplies analytical gases for air quality monitoring laboratories and industries. Our ALPHAGAZ™ range of pure gases and calibration mixtures is designed specifically to run analytical equipment and ensure high accuracy in use.
Water treatment For industries, municipalities and water utility companies, Air Liquide offers ASPAL™, a range of dedicated solutions for drinking water, cooling water and waste water treatment. ASPAL™ leverages our know-how in pH control, biological and activated sludge treatments, odor control and disinfection, as well as scale prevention.

Download our brochures: BOOSTAL™ ALPHAGAZ™ NEXELIA for biological treatment

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Paper & Pulp

Air Liquide serves the Pulp and Paper Industry with industrial gases and expertise to increase production, lower operating costs, enhance the safety of their operations and comply with stringent environmental regulations. We supply solutions for wastewater treatment, pH control , sulphur level reduction, O2-delignification, white liquor oxidation, O2/O3-bleaching, oxy-combustion for Kilns and recovery boilers.

To help ensure safe and reliable gas supply, Air Liquide delivers gases to your facilities in bulk, produces oxygen on-site in Enhanced Oxygen (EOX) units or customized FLOXAL™ on-site production systems, or supplies storage vessels and related equipments.


Process Application
Chemical Recovery
Bleaching & Washing
Paper Machines


Download our brochures: BOOSTAL™ ASPAL™

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Food, Pharma & Beverages


We help customers produce better food quality and improve productivity by retaining strong focus on safety, hygiene and cost-efficiency.  

Cryogenics freezing and chilling bring significant advantages compared to mechanical technologies such as enhancing natural taste while minimizing dehydration. Different gases or mixtures can be used to enhance color, appearance and organoleptic characteristics to improve shelf life and protect food from bacteria or mold by using our solution of Modified atmosphere packaging.  

Creating an inert atmosphere through control of oxygen levels prevents food products from oxidizing and spoiling and helps to preserve their chemical makeup. Air Liquide India’s inerting, blanketing and sparging applications address this challenge by eliminating or minimizing contact with air, extending shelf life, and maintaining important qualities like taste, color and texture.


Process Application


Cold Transportation
Retail & Food Service


Download the NEXELIA™ brochure

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Pharma & Biotech

Air Liquide India supplies reliable, high purity medical, industrial and specialty gases, and works to ensure safety in gas delivery and gas handling methods.

Our advanced expertise in temperature control, inerting and gas-liquid mixing applications enables us to supply innovative and customized solutions to the entire supply chain, from research and development laboratories and raw materials manufacturers to active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) manufacturers and bio/pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology applications include:

  • Bio manufacturing – cell culture
  • Cryopreservation of Biological materials
  • Cryo-grinding of Spices
  • Process temperature control
  • Inerting, blanketing and purging
  • Packaging of drugs
  • Analysis and quality control in Lab instruments and analyzers


Air Liquide India has developed solutions to help you achieve optimal beverage production. From managing oxygen exposure and optimizing packaging to dispensing beverages at point of sale, we provide a range of solutions to help you safely meet efficiency and productivity goals.

Beverages Industry applications include:

  • Carbonation of water, wines, soft drinks or beer
  • Dosing & Purging in bottling and canning process
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Waste water treatment in Aeration tanks to reduce COD, BOD levels
  • Deoxygenation prior to storage/bottling processes
  • Pressurizing lightweight beverage containers with nitrogen
  • pH control with carbon dioxide


Process Application
Alcoholic Beverages & Spirits
Dairy Based


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Our goal is to guarantee the safety and high quality of the products for the final consumers.

Research, Analysis & Laboratory

Research & Analysis

Air Liquide offers a range of reliable gas and chemicals solutions for many research and analysis applications, including chromatography, cleanroom testing, and lithography equipment installation. We serve public research institutions and universities, industrial research centers, and laboratory and testing services providers. To respond to your specific needs, we offer a variety of gas supply modes.

Air Liquide’s solutions include certified calibration standards, carrier gases for testing, and ALPHAGAZ™ branded products, which are used as carrier gases to meet and exceed typical LCMS and GCMS requirements.

We cover main applications such as:

  • Gas chromatography
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Cooling of NMRI/MRI magnets
  • Other analytical applications for Elemental analysis, Organic analysis, Particle analysis, Ionic testing


We provide a wide range of analytical and calibration gases including pure gases (nitrogen, oxygen, air, helium, & hydrogen) and multi-components mixtures, plus the appropriate gas handling equipment and services. They are available on catalogue or produced on demand.

Our customers are private and public companies, analytical laboratories and research centers, all working in a wide array of industries.

Download the ALPHAGAZ™ brochure

Oil & Gas

Our integrated capabilities contribute to the success of our customers at all stages of offshore and onshore production, from exploration to refining and distribution. We provide a wide range of gases through dedicated supply modes and innovative packaging.


Segmentation Applications
Well services & Operations
  • Drilling
  • Well lifting
  • Coiled tubing
  • Pipe inerting and cooling
  • Leak testing
  • Preservation pigging
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Subsea Works
  • Hyperbaric chambers



Segmentation Applications
Construction  & Maintenance
  • Spool base for pipe building
  • Shipbuilding, subsea structure, offshore vessels
Support Services and Living Headquarters General maintenance, catering services, gas analysis, firefighting...
Analytical and Process Control Compositional analysis, sulfur compounds, geochemistry studies...


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We provide a wide range of gases through dedicated supply modes and innovative packaging.

Advanced Business & Technologies in India

In 2010, Cryolor opened its new cryogenic equipment manufacturing plant in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), and commenced production in November 2010. Cryolor Asia Pacific is spread over an area of 40,000 square meters and is the first phase of acquisition for the manufacture of cryogenic equipments. It operates as a 100% subsidiary of Cryolor SA.

Cryolor chose to establish its operations in Chennai due to the higher quality of infrastructure in the state. The factory is strategically located on the main national highway and connected to the three major ports of Southern India. Cryolor set up the factory in order to consolidate its existing domestic base in India, where it has been the leading import brand for more than 2 decades, and to be closer to its regional customers base in Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East.

The products currently manufactured at the factory include:

  • Standard Cryogenic Tanks (Celine)
  • Engineered Cryogenic Storage Tanks (Thermosiphon tanks )
  • Mobile Equipments (Rigid Tankers)
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