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2018 Air Liquide
Scientific Challenge

Inventiveness, curiosity, collective intelligence, and entrepreneurial spirit are at the heart of Air Liquide’s innovation approach. That means developing cooperation with the international scientific community (academics, technology institutes, startups, private R&D…): this is why we have launched a Scientific Challenge.

This second edition, called #2018AirLiquideScientificChallenge, embarks the scientific community to innovate through the Essential Small Molecules and develop new applications on three topics related to improving air quality for the people and preventing climate change for the planet.

Discover the #2018 Scientific Challenge

Challenge areas

We are looking to contribute to a more sustainable world through Essential Small Molecules. They are at the core of present and future environmental challenges, such as the strong growth in the global population and ever greater demand for food and transportation. Trends are not set to be reversed and to tackle these issues, we have to ask some basic questions: how can we do more, more efficiently – and without polluting? How can we do more and pollute less?

Since its foundation, Air Liquide has developed technologies around Essential Small Molecules, the scientific territory of its activities. Thanks to this unique expertise and its dynamic R&D, the Group takes on the major challenges facing our society. Air Liquide harnesses its innovation ecosystems to improve air quality for the people and prevent climate change for the planet.

Essential Small Molecules are vital for a sustainable world
Air Liquide Scientific Challenge

What’s at stake

A jury composed of Air Liquide Experts and Senior Managers, along with external world-renowned scientists, will select the laureates who will be awarded a scientific prize of €50,000 in cash each, and a total funding of €1.5 million in joint collaborations with Air Liquide to mature their scientific proposals and transform them into innovative market technologies.

Article published on June 18, 2018