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Cryocap™ CO₂ cold capture system: unlike any other in the world

CO₂ cold capture system

A world premiere

Air Liquide is constantly seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its production facilities and also to offer its customers the most environmentally-friendly technologies and applications available. With Cryocap™, the Group is opening up new vistas for reducing the CO₂ emissions released by its own production sites and those of its customers around the world.

Cryocap™ prezentation

A world premiere

Cryocap™ is a technological innovation for CO₂ capture that is unique in the world, using a cryogenic process (involving low temperatures to separate gases). Cryocap™ can be adapted to specific applications combining a variety of Air Liquide technologies:

  • the capture of CO₂ produced by steel plants (Cryocap™ Steel) 
  • thermal power station (Cryocap™ Oxy)
  • hydrogen production units (Cryocap™ H₂)

Cryocap™ has resulted in the filing of several patents and illustrates the Air Liquide Group’s capacity for innovation. Its installation in Port-Jérôme, Normandy, at the largest steam methane reforming hydrogen production unit operated by Air Liquide in France represents the first industrial deployment of the Cryocap™ H₂ technology.

The Cryocap™ H₂ technology

The hydrogen sector is mainly of interest to oil and gas refineries, which use hydrogen notably to produce sulfur-free fuels (desulfurization). For this reason, in 2002 the ExxonMobil group signed a long-term contract with Air Liquide for the supply of around 50 000 Nm³/h of hydrogen for its Esso refinery in Port-Jérôme.

Today, Cryocap™ H₂ is the only technique that enables the reduction of the CO₂ released during the production of hydrogen while also increasing this hydrogen production. The CO₂ can be then liquefied and purified to be finally used to meet the CO₂ needs of local industrial markets (agri-food, water treatment, etc.).

Cryocap™ H₂ permet le captage cryogénique du CO₂ émis lors de la production d'hydrogène
Cryocap™ H₂ presentation

Cryocap™ H₂ enables the capture of CO₂ released during hydrogen production via a cryogenic process

Today, Cryocap™ H₂ is the only technique that enables the reduction of the CO₂ released during the production of hydrogen while also increasing this hydrogen production

Focus on

Upgrading the recovered CO₂

With the Cryocap™ H₂ installation in Port-Jérôme, Air Liquide strengthens and secures its production capacities, as well as improving its ability to satisfy demand for the agri-food industry, water treatment, chemicals…

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The agri-food industry: carbonation, preservation, and refrigerated transport

In the form of snow or ice, CO₂ constitutes an extremely powerful and practical source of cold that has a variety of uses in the production and shipment of food products.
In its gaseous form, it extends the shelf life of certain products by replacing the air in packaging with CO₂, alone or combined with nitrogen. This helps to cut down on food waste. It is also used in sparkling beverages, for which it provides the bubbles, as well as for beverages served in restaurants on tap.
Used in greenhouse growing, it helps to speed up the process of photosynthesis and improve crop yields.

Other Industries

CO₂ is slightly acidic, which makes it suitable for use in water treatment to control pH content and neutralize effluents. It can also be used to remineralize drinking water.
In addition, it can be used as a chemical reagent to extract the molecules from certain oil and gas products or even for cryogenic cleaning, because it leaves no trace or residue.
CO₂ is also present in the composition of certain shielding gases used in welding.


Hydrogen energy

Hydrogen energy is a rapidly developing alternative to fossil fuels. It is used to power hydrogen fuel cells for stationary applications (relay antenna) as well as for clean mobility: forklift trucks, urban transportation vehicles, and now passenger cars. To date, 75 hydrogen charging stations have been designed and delivered by Air Liquide around the world.

To date, 75 hydrogen charging stations have been designed and delivered by Air Liquide around the world


«Cryocap™ contributes to decarbonized hydrogen mobility for the hydrogen-powered electric vehicles on the market.»

François Darchis, Member of the Air Liquide Executive Committee supervising Innovation

Blue Hydrogen, Air Liquide's Commitment

Blue Hydrogen, Air Liquide's commitment

With Blue Hydrogen, Air Liquide is moving toward a gradual decarbonization of its hydrogen production dedicated to energy applications.
In practical terms, Air Liquide has made a commitment to produce at least 50% of the hydrogen necessary for these applications through carbon-free processes by 2020 by combining:

  • biogas reforming
  • the use of renewable energies during water electrolysis
  • the use of the technologies for the capture and upgrading of carbon emitted during the process of producing hydrogen from natural gas

Cryocap™ in Normandy is part of this initiative.


  • Cryocap™: Press release dated November 5, 2015

    PDF - 223.91 KB


Article published on November 11, 2017