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2022 Annual Report

A world of challenges

What does it mean to advance? At Air Liquide, a group defined by future-oriented thinking, advancing means inventing the future by responding to the challenges facing society and seeing them as opportunities instead of roadblocks. It means tackling climate change, contributing to the transformation of healthcare systems, accelerating key markets of the future, supporting industry progress and continually renewing our commitment to develop concrete solutions that have a real impact. And most of all, it means delivering long-term, sustainable performance for all our stakeholders.

Advancing with confidence

Advancing with confidence is advancing together with our stakeholders toward a sustainable future. It is a conviction that has led us to put sustainable development at the heart of our growth model. It is a mindset and an ambition embodied by everyone in the Group and those within our ecosystem.

I am therefore confident in our future. Since its creation, our Group has demonstrated its ability to take action regardless of the situation, with the past three years being the most recent proof of this.

Benoît Potier

Chairman of Air Liquide’s Board of Directors

The planet is in a state of emergency, and as of now we have the capacity to provide concrete solutions to the major challenges of decarbonizing industry.

François Jackow

Chief Executive Officer of Air Liquide

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Advancing to meet the world’s challenges

Advancing to meet challenges that the world is facing means making innovation the driving force of our business strategy. It is leveraging our expertise to address the challenges of today and anticipate those of tomorrow. It is bringing to life the cutting-edge technology that will accelerate the key markets of the future. And it is embracing a leading role in developing solutions that matter for society.

Advancing with you

Advancing with you is recognizing the journey toward a sustainable future as a joint endeavor requiring collaboration throughout our entire ecosystem. It is forging meaningful connections with employees, customers, patients, shareholders and all other stakeholders. It means acting for all in the pursuit of a more sustainable, just and equitable world.