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Our customisable solutions are geared toward improving process safety, maximising productivity and reducing the environmental footprint of our customers’ operations.


Glass is made in furnaces at very high temperatures with a process that requires constant improvement to meet the energy efficiency and environmental challenges posed by the manufacturing cycle.

Air Liquide provides solutions along all stages of the glass production process, from melting to forming end products. To complete our offer, we deliver a competitive oxygen supply adapted to the needs of our customers, particularly through energy-efficient on-site oxygen generation systems.


The metals industry is constantly facing increasing challenges of reducing production costs while improving product quality and process productivity. Key players strive to continually reduce their environmental impact and optimise the use of critical resources (such as coke, ore, metal scrap and energy) through improved efficiency.

The industry requires oxygen, nitrogen and argon for a wide range of applications, ranging from oxy-combustion to surface protection and degasification with inert gases. We deliver competitive offers, from gas supply to comprehensive and tailor-made solutions.

  • Steel: for melting, metal transfer, and reheating operations
  • Non-ferrous metals: for melting and metal transfer with refiners and smelters
  • Foundries: for melting with cupolas and rotary furnaces and for metal transfer
  • Semi-finished products: for reheating furnaces and heat treatment, with protective atmospheres for galvanizing and annealing

Metal Fabrication

We have extensive expertise in metal fabrication across industries that produce steel, non-ferrous structures, vessels, cars, aircrafts and others.

We deliver reliable and competitive gas solutions to our customers, supplied via cylinders, bulk, pipeline distribution and on-site production units. Our solutions cover three critical stages in the manufacturing cycle.

Cutting of metallic raw materials and laser cutting

  • Flame cutting using FLAMAL™, a range of oxygen and fuel gases that improve safety, quality and productivity
  • Laser cutting using LASAL™ to improve performance and reliability for high performance jobs

Laser Cutting
Cutting of metallic raw materials, such as sheets, tubes and coils, is the first step to creating components and metallic structures. Laser cutting is the most used process for thinner sheets.

LASAL™ solution combines pure and pre-mixed lasing gases strictly compliant with laser manufacturer specifications and high purity process gases to improve performance and reliability of specialized laser cutting jobs.

We can offer to our customers:

  • ARCAL™
  • LASAL™

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Food Industry

Air Liquide Bulgaria is ISO 22000 (HACCP) certified and has developed ALIGAL™ food-grade gas solutions, compliant with (HACCP) and supplies mono and mixed gases as well as liquid gases for food industry used for cooling and freezing of foods, modified atmosphere packaging, inerting and carbonation of drinks, oxygenation of fish farms, inerting of tanks for vegetable oils and biofuels, etc. In addition, the company supplies and installs related equipment and installations, mostly cryo cabinets and cryo tunnels for cooling, crust-freezing and freezing of foods. our goal is to guarantee the safety and high quality of the products for the end users, while increasing the productivity of our partners and extending the product shelf life.  

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to enhance appearance and organoleptic product's characteristics
  • Freezing & Chilling to enhance natural taste while minimizing dehydration
  • Cold transportation
Food Industry