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Our customizable solutions are geared to improve process safety, maximize productivity, and reduce the environmental footprint of our customers’ operations. Air Liquide Egypt aims to deliver innovative gas solutions and technologies to customers, driving their performance and helping them reduce their environmental impact. This way, we help them move forward.

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The metals industry is facing continual challenges in terms of reducing production cost and improving productivity, safety and quality processes with respect to the environmental impact through resources optimum management.

Our customers require oxygen to enhance productivity, nitrogen as a purge gas, and argon to enhance product quality with high demand. We deliver competitive offers with high availability rates, using the latest technology techniques. We are working closely with the biggest market producers in Egypt.

As a long-term partner to the metals industry (steel, non-ferrous, foundries, etc.), we leverage our skills and innovative technologies to provide safe, reliable, and competitive gas-supply solutions by supplying in bulk, cylinders or on-site product units according to the volume of consumption and operations requirements.

The industry requires oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, for applications from oxygen enrichment for blast furnaces to surface protection and degasification.

  • Steel: for melting, metal transfer, and reheating operations
  • Non-ferrous metals: for melting and metal transfer with refiners and smelters
  • Foundries: for melting with cupolas and rotary furnaces and for metal transfer
  • Semi-finished products: for reheating furnaces and heat treatment, with protective atmospheres for galvanizing and annealing

Download the BOOSTAL™ brochure

We deliver competitive offers with high availability rates, using the latest technology techniques.


Glass industry will witness strong growth in Egypt in the coming years, in the light of domestic economic expansion, as well as growth in exports. Moreover, conservation efforts and concerns about the environment and natural resources have had a significant impact on the glass manufacturing. Air Liquide Egypt provides glass manufacturers with solutions to improve their competitiveness and environmental footprint.

In today’s glass-production processes, energy consumption and gas emissions present major obstacles to sustainability and productivity. Industrial gas plays a major role for the glass industry, enabling manufacturers to make significant savings, enhancing  production processes, meeting increasingly strict emissions regulations and improving glass quality throughout the production process, especially the melting phase. The demand for glass is still on the rise due to population and infrastructure growth.

Air Liquide provides solutions along all stages of the glass production process, from melting to forming end products.

We provide comprehensive gas solutions during all stages of the glass production, from melting to forming end products. Furthermore, our solutions are customized for all subsectors of the industry, from tableware and flat glass to technical glass such as fiberglass or solar panels. We alsodeliver a competitive oxygen supply adapted to the needs of our customers, particularly through energy-efficient on-site oxygen generation systems.

We provide glass manufacturers with solutions to improve their competitiveness and environmental footprint.

Glass Melting

Before glass can even be formed, raw materials (mainly sand) and recycled glass must be melted at extremely high temperatures (1,400°C). To achieve the heat intensity required in the glass furnaces, Air Liquide steps in with oxy-combustion technologies that replace air with oxygen, thus improving the melting process, reducing air pollutant emissions and saving energy. Air Liquide also provides the nitrogen-hydrogen mixture required to maintain the furnace temperature, as well as nitrogen which is required to avoid the presence of glass bubbles.

Glass Polishing

Before a finished product can be packaged and put on the market, defaults must be removed. Air Liquide Egypt supplies oxy-natural based gas and oxy-hydrogen based combustion technologies to polish the product surface and remove the defaults present in glass.


Fiber glass producers are constantly challenged to improve the furnace's pull rates while reducing production costs and optimizing product quality. Our role is to provide high amount of oxygen that helps in furnace heating to quick raw material melting

Download the Nexelia Melting-Heat Oxy-Combustion brochure

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

The petrochemical industry is considered as one of the fastest growing industries in Egypt, where industrial gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide are essential molecules. They are required as reactants for various processes and steps in the chemical production chain. Nitrogen, used for inerting, purging and cooling and other specific applications, is also a key component of our offer.

Additionally, we can deliver steam and power for utilities, as well as specialty gases for research centers, process and quality control.

We deliver competitive offers with high availability rates using latest technologies with major chemical and petrochemical customers in Egypt.

Air Liquide also owns and operates two sites in Egypt to serve the chemical industry’ requirements:

  • AL supplying GOX and GAN for Petrochemical plant producing PVC (Poly vinyl chloride)
  • AL supplying GAN for Petrochemical plant producing LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene)

Through various applications, we are permanently assisting our customers in their day-to-day operations, providing them with reliability, efficiency and cost-effective solutions.

Product Application

In-house Production Process

Oxygen Oxidation reactions or debottlenecking From standard plants to customized ASUs
Hydrogen Hydrogenation reactions
  • Steam Methane Reformer (SMR)
  • Auto Thermal Reformer
  • Partial Oxidation Unit
Carbon monoxide Carbonylation reactions  CO Cold Box
Nitrogen Process gas, blanketing, drying, purging, stirring From standard to customized nitrogen plants
Power, steam and utilities   Cogeneration unit


Download the ALPHAGAZ™ brochure

Chemical companies strive to reduce their environmental footprint and meet stringent regulations, while creating innovative products.
Our goal is to guarantee the safety and high quality of the products for the final consumers.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage safety is at the core of our offer. Air Liquide has been a pioneer in developing food-grade gases and complying with international and local safety regulations. As an industrial gas expert, we provide our food & beverage customers with integrated solutions while focusing on safety, hygiene and cost-efficiency.

As the Egyptian population continues to grow, there are increasing investment opportunities in the country driven by domestic consumption.

Combining our know-how in food and beverage processes and expertise in gas properties, we are able to design and develop smart solutions and equipment to meet very specific food and beverage industry requirements. We help our customers to enhance quality and improve productivity by offering them tailored solutions (on-site audits, performance tracking etc.). 


  • ​​​​​​Freezing and chilling to enhance natural taste while minimizing dehydration
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to enhance appearance and organoleptic product's characteristics
  • Cold transportation: liquid nitrogen can be used to create a new solution to enhance the cooling transportation market

Download our brochures: Nexelia for freezing and chilling ALIGAL™


The beverage industry, one of the biggest in Egypt, has generated an increasing demand for carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide can be liquefied into a heavy, volatile, colorless liquid. We provide our customers with both gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide. Our products are in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO 22000 in order to meet the most rigorous health and safety standards.

The function of carbon dioxide in beverages is to provide effervescence, acidity and protection against microbiological growth without contributing to any off-appearances, off-odor, off-taste, or undesirable levels of trace impurities. Thus, carbon dioxide must undergo effective purification to be considered suitable for its intended use as a direct food additive in beverages, especially for carbonated soft drinks and soda water. Liquid carbon dioxide is also required in the manufacturing of Dry Ice.

Main applications in the beverage industry:

  • Carbonated drinks is what occurs when carbon dioxide gas is added to a water based liquid; it reacts chemically with the water molecules to form a carbonic acid and this is called the carbonation process.
  • Still drinks: a tiny drop of liquid nitrogen preserves still beverage quality
  • Wines and spirits with temperature control process

Download our brochure: ALIGAL Soft Drink™


As the population continues to grow, unbalanced by the scarcity of natural resources, it is becoming challenging to maintain productivity while minimizing its environmental impact. At Air Liquide, we master applications using gas technologies to treat water, recycle metal, recover solvents, analyze air quality and valorize waste.

Metal recycling

Air Liquide has developed BOOSTAL™, our range of oxy-combustion technologies that draw on the power of pure oxygen instead of air in burners to heat up furnaces, for superior production efficiency.

Air Pollution Control

Our ALPHAGAZ™ range of pure gases and calibration mixtures is designed specifically to run analytical equipment and ensure high accuracy in use for air quality monitoring laboratories and industries.

Wastewater treatment

We deliver competitive offers with high availability rates using the latest technologies. We offer ASPAL™, a range of dedicated solutions for drinking water, cooling water and water treatment. ASPAL™ leverages our know-how in pH control, biological and activated sludge treatments, odor control and disinfection, as well as scale prevention.

Air Liquide experts are in the field to find the best solutions for our customers.

Automotive & metal fabrication

Metal fabricators need a trusted gas provider who is capable of addressing the complexities of each customer’s unique manufacturing projects and meet their expectations with regards to product quality, safety, services and technical support.

We provide a leading range of premium gases that meet each strict demand for safety, quality, productivity and cost efficiency

We deliver reliable and competitive gas products that meet each of our customer’s expectations, covering all types of manufacturing processes from basic welding to specialized Laser & Plasma cutting applications. Metal fabrication processes require a wide range of technical gases in order to transform raw materials into their final form.

With the latest technology in gas mixing, the strict quality control & safety regulations, Air Liquide Egypt is able to locally produce a wide range of premium high quality branded gas products  (ARCAL™, LASAL™, ALPHAGAZ™) in addition to other industrial gases (carbon dioxide, oxygen & nitrogen). We cover all industrial applications with an extended a geographical coverage from Alexandria in the north to Beni Suef in the south, and from Canal area in the east to 6th of October in the west.

In addition to Air Liquide gas filling station, we own and operate an acetylene plant that supplies the market with all its needs from acetylene for cutting, welding, soldering & carburizing applications.

We deliver reliable and competitive gas solutions to our customers, supplied via cylinders, bulk, pipeline distribution and on-site production units. Our solutions cover all critical stages in the manufacturing cycle:

Metal fabrication processes require several industrial and technical gases, in order to transform raw materials into their final form.
  • Metal cutting

LASAL™ is our gas solution for Laser cutting that improve performance and reliability of specialized laser cutting jobs. Also Air Liquide offers the process gases for cutting of a wide range of materials (Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum & Copper)

  • Arc welding

We offer ARCAL™ our leading brand of shielding gases that covers 100% of the welding applications and most of the market needs with four ready to weld gases (ARCAL™ Prime, ARCAL™ Chrome, ARCAL™ Speed and ARCAL™ Force) and the innovative built-in regulator (EXELTOP™), best fit for MIG-MAG and TIG processes.

  • Heat treatment

We offer ALNAT™ our innovative technology of metal heat treatment solutions encompassing gas, related handling equipment and services for value-added processes.

Download the ALNAT™ brochure

  • Emissions testing

ALPHAGAZ™ is Air Liquide’s comprehensive range of specialty gases for emission analysis and quality control. Our analytical gases are used in automotive industries for both the development and manufacture of vehicles.

Download the ALPHAGAZ™ brochure

We provide a wide range of analytical and calibration gases including pure gases and mixtures.

Laboratories & Research

Air Liquide Egypt offers a range of reliable gas and chemicals solutions for many research and analysis applications including chromatography, cleanroom testing and lithography equipment installation. We serve public research institutions and universities, industrial research centers and laboratory and testing services providers with a wide variety of gas supply modes.

  • ALPHAGAZ ™: specialty pure gases and mixtures for analytical applications
  • ALPHAGAZ™ 1 & 2: high purity gases such as helium, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, air and oxygen, which are used as carrier gases. Our new locally produced ALPHAGAZ ™ 1 is the simplest way to buy high quality, reliable analytical gases. We provide analytical gases  guaranteed by top certificates and accreditations (all Air Liquide laboratories are ISO-9001 compliant and many accredited according to ISO 17025 globally). Packaging is simplified with the latest built in technology as all our pure gases cylinders have our SMARTOP™ as a standard
  • ALPHAGAZ™ Mix: calibration gas mixtures, which contain from 2 to 40 components, with very precise dosages and high purity
  • Scott™: multi-component calibration mixtures, in particular for the oil & gas industry

Download the ALPHAGAZ™ brochure


"We aim at creating added value to our customers, and enhancing their experience by introducing our premium innovative branded solutions, produced locally for the first time in Egypt."

Dina Dardiri, Business Development Engineer

Oil & Gas

Egypt benefits from low production costs and a relatively large volume of both onshore and offshore oil and gas fields. Over the past decades, developed infrastructure has allowed the country to maintain a sizeable export market, through shipped products and pipelines, as well as a sizeable downstream sector.

As a long-term partner in the oil and gas industry, we offer a complete line of industrial and specialty gas products, technologies and services for onshore and offshore customers, from exploration to refining. We provide a wide range of gases through dedicated supply modes and innovative packaging.


Segmentation Customer's Needs Our Offer
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Subsea works
  • Well services
  • Analytical services & process control
  • Support services and living quarters
  • Pipe laying and construction
  • Gas-lifting and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Pipe inerting and leak testing
  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Natural gas sweetening
  • Analytical services and process control
  • Liquid: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium
  • FLOXAL™ for on-site gas supply on a rental mode
  • Sale of on-site gas generators with, among others, MEDAL™ membrane technology
  • Gaseous: oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, argon, argon mixtures, helium, helium mixtures
  • DIVE-AL™
  • Breathing air
  • Medical gases
  • Diving equipment



Segmentation Customer's Needs Our Offer
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Subsea Works
  • Well Services
  • Analytical Services & Process control
  • Support Services and Living quarters
  • Blanketing, purging and drying
  • Emission monitoring
  • Refining
  • General maintenance
  • Analytical services, process and quality control
  • Water treatment
  • Fire fighting
  • Liquid: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium
  • Welding & Cutting Gases: oxygen, acetylene, argon, argon mixtures
  • ARCAL™ for  arc welding
  • FLAMAL™ ready-to-cut and heat
  • LASAL™ for laser welding and cutting
  • Gaseous : nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium and helium mixtures
  • Medical gases
  • Gases for fire fighting
  • Refrigerant
  • Ultra pure gases, mixtures, Isotope standards for geochemistry studies
  • ALPHAGAZ™ for instrumentation gases
  • Scott™ for traceable gas & liquid calibration mixtures


Download our brochures: ALPHAGAZ™ Nexelia for Laser welding ARCAL™

We provide a wide range of gases through dedicated supply modes and innovative packaging.
Air Liquide supplies reliable, high purity medical, industrial and specialty gases, ensuring safety in gas delivery and handling methods.


Air Liquide’s safe and reliable high-purity gas solutions for the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry enable compliance with the most stringent quality and regulatory requirements in a cost effective way.

Patient safety is a key focus of the industry, and stringent regulations result in strict quality assurance, mandatory traceability and process control requirements. To address these complexities, we supply reliable, high purity medical, industrial and specialty gases, ensuring safety in gas delivery and handling methods.

Our advanced expertise in temperature control, inerting and gas-liquid mixing applications enable us to supply innovative and customized solutions to the entire supply chain, from research and development laboratories and raw materials manufacturers to active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) manufacturers and bio/pharmaceutical companies.