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At Air Liquide, we provide ultra high purity gases and innovative advanced materials creating smart, efficient, and powerful technologies.

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Technologies and digitalization have grown exponentially this last decade revolutionizing every industry around the planet. The science of electronics continues opening up new possibilities in how the world lives, works and connects. Every day, breakthroughs are making technologies – from semiconductors to photovolcaïcs and flat panel displays – smaller and more powerful, with ever-faster cycles. 

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Our offer

We bring unshakable support to our customers and tools manufacturers (OEMs), and create value in the long term, by offering a large range of high added-value products and services, from the on-site production units to the gas and chemical management.

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Electronics key figures

€1,964 M

revenue in 2019


leader in gas supply for semiconductors manufacturers


Air Liquide specialists dedicated to the semiconductors industry