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Engaged alongside patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals

As the Healthcare activity of the Group, Air Liquide Healthcare is engaged alongside patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals to make the healthcare system efficient and virtuous for all. All this is already a work in progress, with one imperative: create value for the patient. With 16,500 men and women, we’re a major world player in healthcare, an expert in chronic diseases follow up at home and new places of care, and supplier of services and medical gases solution for hospitals in particular.

Putting the patient first with Value-based Healthcare

Air Liquide Healthcare has one priority in mind: patients are the heart of everything we do. Our 30 years of expertise and especially our home healthcare expertise have taught us that putting patients at the centre of the system, as a person, is the only way forward for a more valuable healthcare. With Value Based Healthcare, a unique patient-centric and collective approach around better outcomes, Air Liquide Healthcare is engaged to improve value in healthcare for the benefit of patients and at the best cost for the society. Our claim ‘Changing Care.With You.’ encapsulates this new perspective. With this priority in mind, we develop innovative solutions to address major public health needs and social issues.


Facing healthcare main challenges

Urbanization, pollution, sedentary lifestyle, pandemics, ageing population and the rise of chronic diseases (respiratory, diabetes) are growing challenges. As a major world player in home healthcare, an expert in chronic disease follow up at home, and supplier of medical gases and services to hospitals et others places of care, we strive to build an efficient and virtuous healthcare system based on creation of value for all.

We are the value partner present at every step of the patient pathway providing our expertise and services in every location of care: from hospitals / community to home healthcare. Our aim is to optimize the care pathway by putting the patient at the center of the care coordination, managing all the Healthcare stakeholders to maintain patients at home and improve its quality of life.

Home Healthcare, proximity first

As the European leader in Home Healthcare, we help in caring for people at home who have chronic conditions, such as respiratory diseases, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, in cooperation with medical teams. We offer services based on both human and digital follow up, and enabled by a medical device. Thanks to our teams of multidisciplinary experts (pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists and technicians), we aim to enhance patients’ autonomy and quality of life, improve their adherence to treatments and prevent their risk of relapse or re-hospitalisation.

Respiratory diseases

Our respiratory services represent our historic Home Healthcare activity. It includes:

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure for sleep apnea
  • Short-term oxygen therapy (in case of Covid, for example)
  • Long-term oxygen therapy for severe COPD
  • Home Mechanical Ventilation for chronic respiratory failure

Our ambition is to bring innovation that increases patients’ outcomes.


Diabetes and other Infusion therapies

Infusion is a non-oral drug administration, mostly intravenous or subcutaneous. By supporting drug administration at home, the infusion activity contributes to the management of various diseases: Diabetes, Nutritional deficiencies, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Parkinson’s disease and Immunodeficiency.

Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. Air Liquide Healthcare aims at simplifying the daily management of diabetes and increasing patients’ quality of life. Our multidisciplinary teams offer care services to achieve better adherence and quality of life. This approach relies on innovative and most advanced medical devices for diabetes treatment, and digital solutions empowering patients and supporting the interaction with healthcare professionals.

Our ambition is to extend our leadership in diabetes in Europe and beyond, facilitate access to new infusion therapies through innovative technologies and services.

2 M patients at home

35 countries

Provide medical gases to enable caregivers to focus on their medical mission

Our ambition is to provide an unparalleled medical gas supply reliability and a seamless onsite gas management in a sustainable way. We want to provide healthcare professionals with even more value by offering tailor-made solutions for every facility.

The work that healthcare providers do is essential. They give a second breath to patients, allowing them to get back on their feet and feel like themselves again. That's why they need partners they can depend on, no matter what. 

We are always there,

so healthcare providers can be there too.

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we are committed to providing healthcare professionals and facilities with a secure supply of medical gases and seamless in-house gas management, in efficient and sustainable ways. So caregivers can focus on their patients, knowing that we are there, and always will be, by their side.

Always there.*

In hospitals, whether it’s in the emergency room, operating theatre or intensive care unit, Air Liquide Healthcare medical gases solutions are valuable to help patients, often in critical moments. Our teams work alongside healthcare professionals to develop solutions that help them take care of their patients and offer associated services that enable them to relieve pain, anaesthetise and improve respiratory functions. 

In addition to our focus on chronic care in home healthcare and our contribution to take care of patients during acute episodes mainly in the hospital environment, we support the development of new places of care, especially for severe or elderly patients. 

Our medical gases are also used by healthcare professionals, whether general practitioners or specialists, out of the hospital, and by emergency services.

We provide:

  • Medical gases with pharmaceutical quality standard used daily in operating theatres, intensive care units and emergency rooms, either for respiratory diseases, anesthesia/analgesia or resuscitation
  • Services including continuous inventory monitoring
  • Safety and efficiency programs
  • Healthcare professional training
  • Installation and maintenance of gas distribution systems and related equipment
  • Laboratory gases medical equipment
* Always there: This message is for information purposes only and has no contractual value. Air Liquide makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, accuracy or completeness and expressly disclaims all warranties including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

20,000 hospitals and clinics served

140,000 healthcare professionals supplied


For either the healthcare or scientific community, BioKryo, Air Liquide Healthcare’s biobanking network offers to outsource or optimize the collection, storage, analysis and shipment of biological samples. All this with the highest standards of storage and services in terms of security, quality, reliability and traceability.


Medical devices

Air Liquide Healthcare is also an expert in ventilation and respiratory medical equipment for hospitals and home treatment. It produces ventilators, and non-invasive ventilation devices, pressure regulators and flow meters for the distribution and administration of medical gases and also aerosol therapy devices.

Specialty ingredients

Through our subsidiary Seppic, we develop and provide innovative specialty ingredients (excipients and active ingredients) for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, nutrition and vaccine markets. This offering is the fruit of unique scientific expertise in chemistry, biology, biotechnology, immunology and transformation of natural products. The objective is to become a benchmark in specialty ingredients for the health and beauty markets, with a strong focus on sustainable development and biodiversity protection.

4,077 M€ revenue in 2023

15% of Group revenue in 2023

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