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Air Liquide Foundation

Created in 2008, the Air Liquide Foundation demonstrates the Group’s commitment to being a responsible enterprise. The Foundation contributes, on the one hand, to research and science education on air quality and respiratory diseases and, on the other hand, to professional integration and development projects in the Territories where the Group is present.


new projects approved in 2019 in 16 countries


countries where the Air Liquide Foundation is present


projects supported by the Foundation since its creation in 2008


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Air Liquide Foundation contacted the Foundation's partner research organizations and associations right from the start of the pandemic.

  • In the field of respiratory research, the Foundation is supporting research projects to better understand the action of the virus in the lungs, improve the management of patients with respiratory problems and evaluate follow-up protocols after hospitalization.    
  • In the field of emergency aid, the Foundation supports the beneficiaries most affected by Covid-19 through associations working in the field.

More information on the projects supported


The Air Liquide Foundation's vocation is to meet societal challenges by drawing on the Group's skills. It develops projects with the aim of having a real impact on the causes it supports.

Its actions

Research and Science Education

Support to fundamental research and science education projects in the fields of Air quality & Respiratory diseases, to advance the state of the art in science and raise awareness of science among young people and the general public.

Local development

  • Support to professional integration projects for people excluded from the employment market
  • Support to projects sponsored by Air Liquide employees for people in vulnerable situations

The Foundation's mission is to support innovative projects hand in hand with stakeholders in the territories where the Group operates. In the area of professional integration, the Foundation conducts multi-year projects to enable, for example:

  • training young people who have failed, without work or qualifications, in technical jobs with shortages,
  • contributing to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the job market,
  • enabling women to become emancipated through technical occupations.

Since its creation, the Foundation has supported more than 360 projects, particularly in France and Africa.

Employee involvement

Air Liquide employees are stakeholders in the Foundation's action:

  • they can recommend projects in organizations that are close to their hearts,
  • they contribute to the evaluation and monitoring of the Foundation's projects,
  • they can get involved and use their talents through skill-based sponsorship.