Aqua Lung-La Spirotechnique, world leader in deep sea diving gear, turns 70

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La Spirotechnique, former name of Aqua Lung, was born in 1946 out of the encounter between commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jean Delorme, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide, and Emile Gagnan, an engineer at Air Liquide. Commander Cousteau and Jean Delorme asked Emile Gagnan to design equipment for use in deep sea exploration, the CG45 diving regulator.

For its 70th birthday, Aqua Lung has released a limited edition anniversary pack featuring the diving regulator Legend LX Supreme 70. The pack includes a scratch ticket for a chance to win a diving trip to Monaco and a book about the history of the company.

After having invented the first apparatus allowing divers to breathe underwater for several hours, Aqua Lung currently sells the first line of connected instrumentation intended for divers. Designed to simplify the use of complex instruments, this new collection of instrumentation includes a dive watch and computer combo, dive computers, and manometers.

Aqua Lung is currently the world’s leading provider of diving equipment. The company is present worldwide, with six manufacturing companies in France, in Italy, in England, in Mexico, in Canada and in the United States. Via its brand Aqua Sphere, Aqua Lung is also present in competitive and recreational swimming (swimsuits, masks, flippers).

Aqua Lung-La Spirotechnique turns 70