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Air Liquide obtains the highest score from the CDP for its sustainable water management

Paris, France,
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For the second time this year, Air Liquide has been awarded an “A” from the CDP, recognizing this time its reporting on actions for sustainable water management. With this score, which complements the one received for its climate action, Air Liquide enters the narrow circle of companies that have obtained a double "A" from the CDP, a non-profit organization that evaluates companies on their environmental action.

Air Liquide has been named on the CDP “A-List” as one of the world’s best-performing companies for sustainable water management. At the beginning of the year, the company also scored an “A” for its climate action. This double “A” recognizes a commitment to the environment, including an important milestone with the announcement of the most ambitious Climate objectives in its sector.

This latest recognition is also the result of a transparency policy that has been implemented by Air Liquide for several years. Its Sustainability approach is embedded in the company’s strategy and the Group’s extra-financial information is published in most of its communication material. 

In 2019, more than 8,400 companies made data about their environmental impacts available to CDP (with a focus on climate, water and forests) for independent assessment purposes. Of those companies, only 38 scored a triple or double “A”, among which 3 French companies, including Air Liquide. 

The yearly process of extra-financial rating and disclosure of data through the CDP is recognized as a reference in terms of corporate environmental transparency. Air Liquide’s responses to the 2019 CDP questionnaire are freely available on the CDP website.

David Meneses, Air Liquide’s Vice President, Sustainability, said:

“We are proud to have received two “A” from the CDP distinguishing our actions for climate and sustainable water management. Through these scores, the CDP recognizes Air Liquide’s long-established strategy of supporting sustainable growth. Our Climate objectives are the most ambitious in our sector, and we are strongly committed to fight climate change.”

  • Air Liquide obtains the highest score from the CDP for its sustainable water management

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