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Air Liquide receives recognition on its biodiversity commitments by Act4nature International

Paris, France,
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Air Liquide’s biodiversity commitments, made in 2022, have been recognized and validated by the Act4nature International initiative. This validation marks a new milestone for the Group and illustrates its attachment to biodiversity preservation and conservation.

The Act4nature international initiative validated Air Liquide’s commitment (a) to reinforce biodiversity assessment criteria in the investment process for all new projects by 2024 (b) to develop and implement an aggregated biodiversity indicator by 2025 (c) to raise awareness amongst employees on biodiversity and (d) to reaffirm the Group’s climate and water ambition. These commitments demonstrate the Group’s recognition of the importance of biodiversity in maintaining ecological balance, preserving natural resources and ensuring the well-being of communities and wildlife.

The Group’s commitment to biodiversity aligns with its broader sustainability objectives. In order to address key issues for the environment, and in particular to fight climate change, Air Liquide is acting to minimize its CO2 emissions on a path to carbon neutrality by 2050, while developing a wide range of low carbon solutions for its customers, including renewable and low carbon hydrogen, carbon capture and enhanced use of renewable energy in its operations.

Diana Schillag, Vice President, member of Air Liquide Executive Committee, in charge of Sustainable Development: 

Air Liquide has already defined concrete actions to achieve its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050. Beyond fighting climate change, we also need to extend our actions to consider the whole spectrum of our impact on the planet. That is why we have engaged in biodiversity preservation with clear commitments made in 2022, and we are proud to have them recognized by Act4nature today. An integral part of our strategic plan ADVANCE, sustainability has become a prerequisite for business developments at Air Liquide and biodiversity criteria will be progressively reinforced into our investment processes, as we already do for CO2.

Act4nature international

Act4nature international is a multi-stakeholder initiative and an action commitment framework led by business networks, scientific partners and environmental NGOs and used by more than 70 large companies. Act4nature international validates companies’ SMART commitments to integrate nature in their operations and strategies. Based on a pragmatic “learning by doing” approach, it encourages continuous improvement and leads to concrete results and public disclosure.

  • Air Liquide receives recognition on its biodiversity commitments by Act4nature International