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Air Liquide in India Metal - Non Ferrous

Aluminum degassing

Gases : Argon Nitrogen


Inert gas blanketing

Air Liquide’s patented Expanding Gas Air Liquide (EGAL) process, derived from SPAL technology, uses liquid cryogenics (argon or nitrogen), to reduce interactions between molten metal and atmospheric gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide during air melting operations.

Our SPAL technology helps producers of non-ferrous products to melt cleaner metals to produce castings with fewer defects, enhanced mechanical properties and lower rejects. SPAL, Air Liquide’s technology family of inert blanketing processes, include EGAL and Surface Backfilling Air Liquide (SBAL). Contact us to learn more about these patented processes.

Gases : Argon Nitrogen


Oxy-fuel and air oxy-fuel combustion

Air Liquide’s oxy-fuel and air oxy-fuel combustion units are available as rotary furnaces and reverberatory furnaces for aluminum, lead, copper and brass.

Gases : Oxygen


Air Liquide has developed BOOSTAL™ offers for the metals industry, which include oxygen supply, patented burners, and expert support for the implementation of oxy-combustion technologies suitable for all steps in the manufacturing process. 


Primary smelting

High oxygen levels are used for primary smelting. By reducing the nitrogen content of the off-gas, the heat losses are reduced while the reaction temperature and reaction rate are increased.

Gases : Oxygen