Shareholders' Communication Committee

Twelve Shareholders appointed for three years

With its 35 years of experience, the Shareholders' Communication Committee (SCC) aims to establish regular exchanges between the 12 members representing Shareholders, the Group's Chairman and the Air Liquide teams in charge of Shareholders. What are the Committee's missions? How can you become a member?

The mission of the Committee

The Shareholder Communication Committee promotes regular exchanges between 12 Shareholders representing the diversity of Air Liquide's individual shareholders and Group Management. Members participate in certain communication projects and formulate proposals to develop the communication formats intended for our community of individual Shareholders.

The Committee is chaired by Benoît Potier, Chairman of the Group, and meets in plenary session three times a year. Each member is appointed for three non-renewable years.

The Shareholders who are members of the CCA undertake to participate actively, to be present at the three annual meetings and to contribute to specific working groups.

Join the Committee!

If you wish to join the Committee, nothing could be easier:

  • Hold at least 1 Air Liquide share, regardless of how you hold them, either directly with Air Liquide (pure registered shares) or with your bank (administered registered shares or bearer shares*)
  • Be of legal age
  • You wish to actively contribute to the evolution of Air Liquide's communication with its Shareholders
*Proof of ownership of Air Liquide shares less than one month old (securities statement from your financial institution) is required for bearer shareholders.

All that remains is for you to submit your application to the Shareholder Communication Committee, by completing the information below:

Apply (in French only)

Shareholders' Communication Committee member list

Member since 2020
Living in Verlinghem (59)
Mrs Geneviève LECAMP
Member since 2020
Living in Hyères (83)
Mr Bernard TASTE
Member since 2020
Living in Libourne (33)
Mr Arthur FRÈRE
Member since 2020
Living in Paris (75)
Mr Bernard VAYSSE
Member since 2019
Living in Plénan le Grand (35)
Mrs Magali AUBERT
Member since 2019
Living in Lambesc (13)
Mr Jonathan CAMPOS
Member since 2019
Living in Paris (75)
Mrs Marie-Paule DESCAMPS
Member since 2018
Living in Paris (75)
Member since 2018
Living in à Laleu (80)
Member since 2018
Living in Vitré (35)
Member since 2018
Living in Issy-les-Moulineaux (92)
Member since 2018
Living in Le Cannet (06)