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Air Liquide Japan’s affiliate acquires Kyowa Iriki’s home healthcare business

VitalAire Japan Ltd, a fully owned affiliate of Air Liquide Japan, has acquired Kyowa Iriki Corporate's home healthcare business, to reinforce its presence in the sector.

Kyowa Iriki offers a wide range of medical equipment and consumables to local hospitals and medical institutions in the Chugoku-Shikoku region. It has also been engaged in home healthcare activities, providing services to patients of respiratory diseases and sleep apnea syndrome in Fukuyama and Okayama.

The acquired business will be integrated to VitalAire Japan, to reinforce its presence in that region. Combining Air Liquide Group's offers and technologies with the local trust that Kyowa Iriki has earned from hospitals in the region will allow Vitalaire Japan to increase the level of its service and patient care.

Takashi Watanabe, President of VitalAire Japan, commented: 
“We welcome the new employees that are joining our team and we look forward to provide our utmost care to our new patients. Home Healthcare activity is core to Air Liquide Healthcare, who aims to grow this activity in countries like Japan, where population is aging. With this acquisition, we will strive to better serve our patients leveraging strengths of both parties in the integration.”


VitalAire: home healthcare service provider

Created by Air Liquide nearly 30 years ago, VitalAire is a home healthcare service provider, supplying medical devices and providing patient follow-up services in the following fields: oxygen therapy, assisted breathing, treatment of sleep apnea, insulin pump therapy, ambulatory IV infusions (including antibiotic treatment, chemotherapy and immunotherapy), enteral and parenteral nutrition and cystic fibrosis treatment. Its multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals are committed to adhering to the best industry practices. VitalAire provides a link between patients, doctors and home healthcare professionals and helps ensure a successful return home for patients. 
Vitalaire Japan, fully owned affiliate of Air Liquide Japan, is in charge of the home healthcare activity, covering a wide geography of the county from Tohoku to Minami Kyushu, including Chugoku region with its sales offices in Kurashiki City, Okayama.
VitalAire has signed the "Charter for Persons Receiving Care From a Home Healthcare Service Provider."


Air Liquide Healthcare*

Supplies medical gases, home healthcare services, hygiene products, medical equipment and specialty ingredients.
In 2015, it served over 7,500 hospitals and more than 1.3 million patients at home throughout the world. The Group’s Healthcare business reached € 2,799 million in revenues in 2015, with the support of its 13,500 employees.
Home healthcare represents 50% of Air Liquide's revenue in Healthcare in 2015.
*These data do not include Airgas, whose acquisition was completed on May 23, 2016.


Air Liquide in Japan

Established in 1907 in Japan, Air Liquide now serves 15,000 customers across the country, particularly in Electronics, thanks to its 2,000 employees. The Group also has a Research and Technology Centre in Tsukuba (near Tokyo) and an Engineering center in Kobe. Japan serves as a technology & research base for Air Liquide in Asia and beyond.


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