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Air Liquide in Romania Industry


In our industry, we act as a partner who adds tangible value to our customers and their businesses. This means not only meeting our customers’ needs today but anticipating the needs tomorrow - by being active partners whose value and commitment is never in doubt. We move industries forward because we are always ready for the next stage of our customers’ growth. By understanding customers’ businesses and ambitions, we can better use our expertise and capabilities to support them.


The food supply chain, “from the farm to the fork,” covers all the industrial stages throughout the fresh and processed products cycles. These cycles range from production of raw material (farm output, both plant and animal) to transformation and processing, distribution, marketing & sales and consumption. We divide the foodstuffs sector into three main application groups: cryogenics, carbonation and protective atmospheres.

Air Liquide Romania promotes a comprehensive and innovative range of applications for freezing, coating, modified atmosphere packaging, carbonation, inerting and niche applications like banana ripening, cream whipping, artificial insemination. ALIGALTM range is our solution for the food market.

In a commitment to consumer safety, Air Liquide Romania has prioritized the implementation of HACCP standards in the food industry, especially in respect of the production, storage, and distribution of food-grade gases (ALIGALTM). These principles complement other quality specifications, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Whether our customers have a greenhouse, storage facilities for grains, fruits and vegetables, or do business in cattle insemination or fish farming, Air Liquide Romania can offer each of one the reliable solution for process improvement and safety. From CO2 enrichment or disinfestation to cryobiology and  oxygenation, Air Liquide Romania’s solutions bring productivity enhancement to our customers.


Our customers are establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: growing grapes and manufacturing wine and brandy and  those that produce distilled alcoholic beverages from other fruits and grain, including still and sparkling wines, brandy, plum wine, sake, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, etc.

Also, the beverage market comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. mineral water and soft drinks) and manufacturing of beer and cider, processing of tea and coffee. It includes carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, syrup and concentrates, coffee, tea, beer and cider.

Air Liquide Romania’s offer ALIGAL DRINK is based on oxygen management in liquid foodstuffs with gases consists in chasing the oxygen dissolved in the liquid foodstuff by an inert gas and for carbonation of liquids.


We divide the pharmaceutical industry into two market segments: drugs and fine chemicals & cosmetics. The drug segment focuses on the manufacturing of biological and medicinal products and pharmaceutical products intended for internal and external consumption in such forms as ampoules, tablets, capsules, vials, ointments, powders, solutions and suspensions. Fine chemicals and cosmetics focuses on the manufacturing of fine chemicals mainly used as precursors to drugs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) or cosmetics and manufacturing of cosmetics.

Air Liquide Romania’s main applications include:

  • lyophilisation,
  • freezing,
  • inerting,
  • thermoregulation

All using a various range of products, both in liquid and gaseous form.

PHARGALIS™ gases are dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They are recommended for the manufacturing of drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and excipients when the gas in use requires a status equal or equivalent to pharmaceutical excipients. PHARGALIS™ gases are compliant with official pharmacopoeias from Europe, USA and Japan.

Oil & Gas

Air Liquide Romania is a long-term partner that aims operational excellence and commits to deliver the reliability demanded by the oil and gas industry at every step in the value chain. Air Liquide Romania provides core capabilities that span all aspects from upstream to downstream activities. By combining our expertise in industrial gases, services, and equipment, we deliver reliable solutions tailored made for the oil and gas industry.

For onshore operations we offer:

  • pipe laying and construction with ARCAL™ welding gas solutions
  • gas-lifting and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with nitrogen or carbon dioxide
  • pipe inerting and leak testing for pipeline maintenance operations
  • natural gas sweetening with MEDAL™ membranes
  • analytical services and process control with analytical pure gases and mixtures adapted specifically to customer requirements

For offshore operations we offer:

  • Offshore acetylene bundles with 16 or 64 cylinders, 200 bar, 300 bar
  • Liquid nitrogen ISO container
  • Helium and specialty gases (ALPHAGAZ™ and SCOTT™)


Air Liquide Romania addresses the Chemical Industry through three domains :

1. Petrochemicals

Comprising establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing acyclic hydrocarbons such as ethylene, propylene and butylenes made from refined petroleum or liquid hydrocarbon and manufacturing cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, styrene, exylene, ethyl benzene, and cumene made from refined petroleum or liquid hydrocarbons.

2. Basic chemicals

Comprising establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chemicals using basic processes: fertilizer, chlorine, carbon black manufacturing, etc.

3. Specialty chemicals

Comprising establishments engaged in the manufacturing of finished chemical products for special usage (varnishes, lacquers, and allied products; pesticides, adhesives and sealants, explosives, printing ink, etc.)

Our solutions for the chemical industry consists in:

  • inerting procedures with nitrogen for protection of sensitive products against moisture and/or oxidation or protection against explosions and inflammation
  • various services and equipment to provide inerting in many different industrial contexts and processes, including: storage reservoirs/tanks, pneumatic transfer, reactors, grinders
  • for wastewater treatment through oxygenation and ph control ASPAL™ Clean represents a reliable and safety solution
  • several applications based on oxygenation:
  • oxygen boosting in chemical hazardous waste incineration
  • oxygen enrichment in Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC)
  • oxygen enrichment of Claus unit
  • Maintenance solutions for welding and cutting operations through ARCAL™ range along with specialty gases for analysis and quality control through SCOTT™ Specialty Gases range


Main domains of metallurgy industry are the steel mills and primary processing of ferrous metals, primary smelting and refining of nonferrous metals, foundries and secondary metal smelting and refining, tubes and other semi-finished metallic products.

For all domains, Air Liquide Romania provides performant technological solutions:

  • oxy-combustion
  • oxycutting
  • oxygen enrichment
  • specialty gases for analysis and control
  • metal heat treatment for annealing atmosphere, galvanizing atmosphere
  • industrial cryogenics

Pulp & Paper

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in the manufacturing or recycling of pulp, paper, and/or paperboard, including cellulose and tissues.

Air Liquide Romania’s solutions for this industry include:

  • Oxygen delignification
  • Oxygen bleaching
  • Ozone bleaching washing
  • Brownstock washing
  • Oxygen in white liquor
  • Wastewater pH control through oxygenation
  • Welding & Cutting products, ARCAL™, acetylene, oxygen for maintenance and installation
  • Specialty gases ALPHAGAZ™, SCOTT™ for analysis and quality control


Flat Glass domain comprises establishments engaged in primary flat glass making (e.g. float glass, sheet glass and figured glass) and/or processing flat glass products for construction, automotive and industrial applications. Technical and container glass domain comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing of container glass, tableware glass, fiberglass, glass wool, technical glass (for electronics, lighting, displays …) and frits/enamels. It mostly consists in primary glass making plants and processing transformation glass plants.

Air Liquide Romania’s available solutions are:

  • Oxygen boosting
  • Oxy fuel glass melting
  • Tin bath blanketing in float glass lines
  • Surface treating and coating
  • Oxy-hydrogen for glass polishing
  • Oxy-combustion
  • Specialty gases - ALPHAGAZ™, SCOTT™ - for analysis and control


Utilities comprise establishments engaged in the operation and distribution of the following utility services: electric power, natural gas, steam supply, water supply, and wastewater treatment. Waste management comprises establishments engaged in the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste materials. It also includes processing, recycling and treatment of nuclear fuels and residuals.

ASPAL™ Pure is Air Liquide Romania’s solution for drinking water treatment with gas applications and equipment such as carbon dioxide injection for calco-carbonic equilibrium, oxygen and ozone oxidation or disinfection. Main customers and prospects are municipalities and water utilities companies.


The automotive Industry is one of the largest and more diverse domain. It contains establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing automobiles, motorcycles, pickup trucks, bicycles and tricycles. It includes automobile plants, assembly plants, integrated tech centers, etc.

The second sector of the domain comprises manufacturing of:

  1. motor vehicles parts such as tires, bumpers, seats, airbags, dashboards etc;
  2. automotive equipment and parts including motor vehicle gasoline engines, and engine parts, steering mechanisms, suspension components (except springs);
  3. brake systems and related components, motor vehicle transmission and power train parts;
  4. moulded parts such as fenders, tops and body parts.

Air Liquide Romania solutions for Automotive market consists in:

  • ALNAT™ C and ALNAT™ P offer focuses on the main gas intensity in Automotive and Fabrication heat treatment (HT) market that represents approximately 80% of the total HT activity in the A&F market. The ALNAT CTM and ALNAT™ P  offers are segmented by customer material, heat treating process and end user market segment.
  • ARCAL™  is our solution for arc welding. With a range of shielding gases that covers all welding operations, we offer our customers high quality products and services.
  • LASAL™ is our range for laser cutting applications, for both process and lasing gases.
    • With high quality products delivered either in cylinders or bundles, ARCALTM and LASALTM products deliver our customers high quality, reliability, efficiency and safety operations.
  • SMARTOP™ and ALTOP™ valves are brevets of Air Liquide. These type of valves offer our customers Safety operations, Simplicity and Savings in the daily welding usage of cylinders.
  • For analysis and control domains, ALPHAGAZ™  and SCOTT™ specialty gases are completing the integrated offer for automotive industry


This industry contains manufacturing of trains, trucks and containers, buses and farming equipment, shipyards and the aeronautic industry. Main applications of the industry are arc welding, laser cutting, analysis and control.

With high quality products delivered either in cylinders or bundles, Air Liquide Romania’s offer in  ARCAL™ and LASAL™ deliver our customers high quality, reliability, efficiency and safety operations.

For analysis and control domains, ALPHAGAZ™  and SCOTT™ specialty gases are completing the integrated offer for automotive industry.

Metal fabrication

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in cutting, forming, and joining heavy gauge metal to manufacture tanks, boilers and vessels. It includes the fabrication of finished metal products such as metal cans, springs, screws, nuts, bolts, tools and knives. Additional, it comprises workshops engaged in the cutting and treatment of metal, mostly custom work.

  • ARCAL™  is Air Liquide Romania’s  solution for arc welding. With a range of shielding gases that covers all welding operations, we offer our customers high quality products and services
  • LASAL™ is our range for laser cutting applications, for both process and lasing gases
  • With high quality products delivered either in cylinders or bundles, ARCAL™ and LASAL™ products deliver our customers high quality, reliability, efficiency and safety operations
  • The ALNAT™ C and ALNAT™ P offers are segmented by customer material, heat treating process and end user market segment


This sector includes establishments primarily engaged in the construction of buildings and/or infrastructure projects - highways, bridges, tunnels and utility systems, etc.

Air Liquide Romania solutions are:

  • ARCAL™  is our solution for arc welding. With a range of shielding gases that covers all welding operations, we offer our customers high quality products and services
  • LASAL™ is our range for laser cutting applications, for both process and lasing gases
  • SMARTOP™ and ALTOP™ valves are brevets of Air Liquide. These type of valves offer our customers safety operations, Simplicity and savings in the daily welding usage of cylinders

Research & Laboratories

This sector comprises private research centers or labs funded and operated by enterprises or industrial groups. It includes establishments primarily engaged in performing physical, chemical, and other analytical testing services, such as acoustics or vibration testing, assaying, biological testing (except medical and veterinary), calibration testing, electrical and electronic testing, geotechnical testing, mechanical testing and urban air monitoring.

Air Liquide Romania’s ALPHAGAZ™ and SCOTT™  deliver to our customers top quality products for analysis process as pure gases or specialty mixtures on demand.

Supply & services

Air Liquide Romania supplies products through a multitude of supply types. From cylinders and bundles to liquid supply and production unit at customers’ on-site, the supply service is provided in a customized way according to customer’s needs and customer’s facility accessibility in order to operate safely.

From technical audits to safety training and delivery and maintenance of equipments, Air Liquide Romania offers to its customers value propositions in line with high technical and safety standards based on internal industrial management systems

Locations & Contacts

Locations & Contacts

Air Liquide's distributors in Romania


Str. Republicii nr. 38, Alba Iulia, judetul Alba
0040 258.817.256 / 0040 730.634.501
0040 258.817.256


Str. Calea Victoriei nr. 33-35, Arad, judetul Arad
0040 357.805.176
0040 357.805.176


Str. Depozitelor nr. 31, Pitesti, judetul Arges
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Str. Chimiei nr. 7, Bacau, judetul Bacau
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Str. Petei nr. 2, Oradea, judetul Bihor
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Str. Luica nr. 60, sector 4, Bucuresti
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Sos. Oltenita-Bucuresti, km 4, Oltenita, judetul Calarasi
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Str. Stefan cel Mare nr. 42, Turda, judetul Cluj
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Str. Bistritei nr. 63, Dej, judetul Cluj
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Str. Fermei nr. 17/A, Sfantu Gheorghe, judetul Covasna
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Str. Delfinului nr. 7, Galati, judetul Galati
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Str. Cuza Voda nr. 15, Tecuci, judetul Galati
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0040 236.816.060


Str. Brasovului nr. 7/A/2, Miercurea Ciuc, judetul Harghita
0040 266.310.818 / 0040 744.794.713
0040 266.310.818


Str. Ardealului nr. 1, Deva, judetul Hunedoara
0040 722.260.076 / 0040 727.733.463
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Sos. Brailei nr. 17 bis, Slobozia, judetul Ialomita
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Str. Morilor nr. 18, Pascani, judetul Iasi
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Calea Chisinaului nr. 34, Iasi, judetul Iasi
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Str. Nisiparilor nr. 62, Baia Mare, judetul Maramures
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Str. Depozitelor nr. 21-23, Targu Mures, judetul Mures
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0040 265.312.101


Str. Carpati nr. 9, Reghin, judetul Mures
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Str. Dumbravei nr. 248, Dumbrava Rosie, judetul Neamt
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Str. Capitan Grigore Ignat nr. 61, Barlad, judetul Vaslui
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0040 235 471 779


Calea Munteniei DN 2, T85, P438, Focsani, judetul Vrancea
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0040 237.226.705


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S​tr. Odei nr.6​, sector 4, Bucuresti
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0040 21 450 76 70