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2019 Fountains Night Show in Versailles contest

Many of you played to participate in the draw for the Night Fountains Show at the Château de Versailles.

The quiz is now closed!

According to the rules, the draw will take place under the supervision of legal officer, once the end of the quiz.

All participants will be emailed with the results by June 30.

Reminder of the prizes:

A historic partnership
For over 10 years, Air Liquide has helped on The Fountains Night Show. Air Liquide supplies the fluids and skills needed to create a number of different atmospheres in the Gardens of Château de Versailles, much to the delight of visitors.

The fountains night show of Château de Versailles
Every Saturday evening during summer, a fairytale two hours and a half stroll in Château de Versailles’s magnificent gardens, magically illuminated, with all the fountains playing and a grand firework as crowning point. Groves and fountains are decorated with a thousand lights, surreal illuminations, and wonderful bubbles. The Sun King's music follows you all along your stroll. For one evening time comes to a standstill.


*Find the details of these prizes on the contest rules.
Contest organised by L’AIR LIQUIDE S.A. The rules have been filed with the SCP. Jourdain Dubois, judicial officer in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, can be freely accessed and without charge at any time from the Shareholders section of The draw is conducted under the supervision of a judicial officer. Contest rules here.

Photo credit: Nicolas Chavance, Groupe F