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Air Liquide in Singapore Healthcare


We are present throughout the Continuum of Care, from Hospital to Home.

Present in 36 countries and influencing the lives of 1.6 million patients at home and serving 15,000 hospitals and clinics, Air Liquide Healthcare is the world leader in medical gases, home healthcare, hygiene products and healthcare specialty ingredients. We leverage on their capabilities and expertise to develop innovative solutions to address the growing healthcare needs in Singapore and Riau Islands. We serve over 2,000 home patients, hospitals and other healthcare institutions with medical and therapeutic gases and related medical equipment.

Air Liquide Singapore Private Limited

No 2 Venture Drive
#22-28, Vision Exchange
Singapore 608526
Tel No: +65 6265 3788 

Our Expertise

As a key player in health, we provide products and services in the hospital and at home in 4 domains.

  • Hospital Care
  • Home Healthcare
  • Hygiene
  • Healthcare Specialty Ingredients

Hospital Care

Protecting Patients & Supporting Healthcare Professionals

A global vision and expertise in hospital care

Our medical gases and services care for pediatric and adult patients during acute episodes, mainly in the hospital environment: emergency rooms, operating theatres, medical and surgical intensive care units. We support healthcare professionals with innovative solutions - molecules, devices and services - for life-saving procedures, diagnosis and treatments.

We offer:

  • Quality medical gases
  • Healthcare professional training for optimal and safe use of medical gases
  • Continuous inventory monitoring, ensuring patient safety and operational efficiency
  • Innovative medical gas packaging and administration solutions
  • Design, installation, maintenance of gas storage and distribution systems
  • Cryobanking and hospital laboratory support solutions
  • Medical equipment
  • Hygiene disinfection

Our range of medical gases include Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Oxygen-Nitrous Oxide Mix, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, mixed gases etc.

Our integrated cylinders - the innovative & economic option

Our integrated cylinder solutions provides healthcare professionals with innovative, safe and economic options. Our TAKEO™ and Presence™ cylinders are ideal solutions for safer and easier administration of medical oxygen.

TAKEO™ is a major innovation in the medical oxygen field. This new generation cylinder combines a built-in pressure regulator, an ergonomic cap and a patented digital gauge that displays the remaining treatment time.

Presence™ cylinders are an ideal solution for the safer and easier use of medical oxygen. With a fully protected integrated regulator and flowmeter they are ready for use whenever you are.

“Through our pharmaceutical expertise, technical know-how, and commitment to the highest standards of safety and quality, we support healthcare professionals in delivering the best care possible.”
SEPPIC offers a huge range of ready-to-use vaccine adjuvants.

Healthcare Specialty Ingredients

A Unique Combination of Expertise

SEPPIC designs and supplies healthcare specialty ingredients, for the vaccine, pharmaceutical, nutrition and cosmetics markets for over 70 years. Recognized for its proximity and reliability, SEPPIC contributes to prevention and well-being in the continuum of care through sustainable innovation.

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