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Air Liquide’s gases and related services are supplied to an assortment of industries including aviation, chemicals, marine, petrochemicals and refineries, etc. We supply industrial and specialty gases in an array of volumes and purities, along with related technologies and services. We offer a range of gas supply modes, including cylinder and bulk delivery, pipeline distribution, and on-site production.

We operate the largest network of high purity gas production plants with inter-connecting pipelines and gas centres dedicated to serving the different industries in Singapore and Riau Islands. Most of our plants are strategically located near industrial clusters, whereas for large users, the plants are installed at customers’ premises.

Through our capabilities and expertise, we enable our customers to focus on their core businesses, and we provide solutions that increase their competitiveness.

We support our customers in the Electronics industry, which is known of using leading-edge technologies, with a large range of high added-value products and services such as bulk gases supply solutions, on-site gas generation, electronic advanced materials, electronics specialty materials, total gas & chemical management services as well as equipment and installations.

Our ALOHA™ product line is designed for the most sensitive stage of the microchip manufacturing process.


We provide medical and therapeutic gases as well as medical equipment and installation to hospitals and healthcare institutions. We are also present in the specialty ingredients (excipients and actives for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutrition and vaccine markets) with SEPPIC.

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We support healthcare professionals with medical gases, equipment and services for life saving procedures, diagnosis and treatments.

Engineering & Construction

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Our Global Engineering & Construction Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary technologies and engineering services that span across the entire life-cycle of projects, from feasibility studies to handover of the completed facility with the connection of all utilities. 

Our Global E&C Solutions offers customizable solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of engineering and construction projects.