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Air Liquide supplied renewable hydrogen for the "Paris de l'hydrogène" exhibition and the illumination of the Eiffel Tower

Published on June 04, 2021

2 minutes

The laser show that lit up the Eiffel Tower on May 25 with certified renewable hydrogen lasted only a few minutes (3.5 minutes) but it will go down in history!

On this occasion, we have asked 3 questions to Erwin Penfornis, Group Vice-President H2E World Business Line, Vice-President of Strategy, H2-Force.

How did the idea of organizing the "Hydrogen Paris" event come about?

The Energy Observer team, the first autonomous and zero-emission hydrogen ship designed to promote renewable energies and hydrogen, is at the origin of this event.

By organizing the "Paris of Hydrogen", Victorien Erussard, his team and his partners have allowed the numerous actors of the French ecosystem to showcase their concrete applications of hydrogen solutions to offer a positive, optimistic and innovative perspective for the cities and ecosystems of tomorrow.

Why support such an event?

This event is part of a dynamic from which hydrogen is benefiting worldwide and which has accelerated significantly over the last 18 months with initiatives in many fields and significant public support for the emergence of a low-carbon society and, more broadly, for the energy transition. It enabled the Group to reiterate its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and accelerate the transition to hydrogen. 

What was Air Liquide's role in this operation?

As a partner of Energy Observer since the beginning in 2017, Air Liquide naturally joined this event designed to put hydrogen in the spotlight. Supporting Energy Observer by making it possible to light up the Eiffel Tower for a few minutes is above all a symbol. The Group supplied the 400 kg of renewable hydrogen (with a guarantee of origin certificate established by the European CertifHy platform) necessary for the operation of the village from May 20 to 30 as well as for the sound and light show on the 25th. On this occasion, we also deployed various communication supports, including a video to present the different Air Liquide technologies that open the way to renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production to the many visitors (representatives of public authorities, schools, universities, companies, etc.) who came to discover the exhibition.

Photo slideshow of the event

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