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Cryocap™: reducing the CO2 emissions of the Port-Jérôme industrial site at source

Published on November 10, 2020

2 minutes

The Cryocap™ technology relies on a unique process developed by Air Liquide. It consists in capturing the carbon dioxide (or CO2) emitted during the hydrogen production thanks to a cryogenic process that liquefies gas. When purified, this CO2 can be used to meet the needs of local industrial markets for different applications such as in agri-food and water treatment, etc.).

Hydrogen production at Port-Jérôme: learn more in pictures

Credit: Adrien Daste. 

Hydrogen production, flue gas, oxycombustion... The Cryocap™ technology can adapt and contribute to the decarbonization of many industrial processes. Find out how it works in details in this video.

Port-Jérôme is one of the few sites in Europe capable of producing certified low-carbon hydrogen. It is a pilot site for the CertifHy project, a Guarantee of Origin platform for green or low-carbon hydrogen.