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Broker fees: the benefits of holding shares directly with Air Liquide (direct registered)

Published on February 03, 2022

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When you own a stock market portfolio, there are different costs that must be considered, including opening an account, and handling, management and broker fees. For shareholders who hold their shares directly with Air Liquide (direct registered), the costs of opening a securities account, as well as handling and management fees, will be completely free. You will also benefit from one of the lowest brokerage rates on the market — 0.1% or 0.18% excluding tax according to the way you place your stock orders. There is no minimum transaction required to benefit from this, so it applies from the very first share. Let us explain the details of this very competitive offer.

Stock Market broker fees

Broker fees generally refer to fees deducted by a financial institution as compensation for playing an intermediary role in carrying out a service. 

For each transaction on the stock market, in other words, for each purchase or sale of a share, financial intermediaries can deduct this type of fee. 

These fees can be calculated in different ways:

  • Flat tax = a fixed amount is applied to your transaction
  • Variable = a percentage is applied to the amount of your transaction
  • Or a mix of both = a fixed amount + a percentage of your transaction amount

If you hold your shares directly with Air Liquide (direct registered), the brokerage rate is 0.1% excluding tax with no minimum transaction if you place your order through your online Shareholder Space. It is 0.18% excluding tax, still with no minimum transaction, if you place your order by any other means (phone, mail, etc.).

As an example, if you buy a share at 150 euros through your online Shareholder Portal1, your broker fees excluding tax will only be 0.15 euros.

Handling and management fees

There are other fees for a securities account, such as handling or management fees. They cover the cost of keeping your portfolio and related services (share operations, dividend payments, etc.).

The most recent study by the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers — French financial market authority)2 reveals that even if handling fees have been removed from online brokers, they are still deducted by many banking networks at an average rate of between 0.26% and 0.73% of the amount invested depending on the securities account profile in question.

At Air Liquide, when you hold your shares directly (direct registered), no handling or management fees are applied.

As you can see, investing in shares can incur significant fees. It is therefore important to make sure that you are well informed about the cost of your stock market operations before carrying them out.

To find out more about opening a securities account directly with Air Liquide in order to be a direct registered shareholder, visit this page of our website.

1. This brokerage rate is applied to purchases paid in full by SEPA direct debit (if your bank account is domiciled in the SEPA zone) or by bank card (for purchases up to 3,000 euros), and to sales.

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