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Did you know? Air Liquide and healthcare

Published on December 03, 2021

3 minutes

How many patients with chronic diseases are treated at home by Air Liquide? To how many countries does the Group supply medical gases? Which gases produced by the Group are used by healthcare professionals? Become an expert on Air Liquide and its Healthcare activity by taking a look at some Q&A.

Do you know how many hospitals and clinics use Air Liquide medical gases?

Air Liquide Healthcare supplies 15,000 hospitals and clinics in over 35 countries! In emergency rooms, operating theaters and intensive care units, our medical gases and related services are used for treatment, pain relief, anesthesia and improving respiratory functions.

At what stages of the patient care journey are Air Liquide medical gases in use?

They can be found in the delivery room, the emergency room, in imaging, the operating theater and the laboratory, among other places. They are used for:

  • diagnosis > during a laparoscopy, for example, medical gases are insufflated to distend the abdominal wall and make it easier to see the organs
  • prevention and treatment > medical gases can manage pain caused by short medical procedures. They can also be used to treat conditions such as acute pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • research > gas in liquid form is used to cool, preserve, and store tissues and cells

Do you know how many patients with chronic diseases are treated at home by Air Liquide?

1.8 million worldwide for conditions such as respiratory failure, sleep apnea, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and pain, among others.

Beyond these areas of expertise, our top priority is to meet patients’ safety and support needs and to bring them the benefits they need most.

Is the Group active in healthcare innovation research?

Absolutely! By continually innovating, we can offer technological solutions and services to improve patients’ everyday quality of life, in particular making it easier for them to use medical devices and adhere to their treatment plan.

To give you an example, for patients in France suffering from chronic (particularly cardiac) diseases, Air Liquide Healthcare —a pioneer in remote medical monitoring— offers its Chronic Care ConnectTM solution.

This solution enables daily patient monitoring from home, thanks to data from connected devices and personalized support from nurses.

How can algae help Air Liquide to improve our health and well-being?

It may seem as though cosmetics are far removed from healthcare, but they are actually closely linked. That is why Group subsidiary BiotechMarine works to create natural marine products that enhance the cosmetics to which they are added.

BiotechMarine experts have developed biotechnologies for more sustainable plant cell provision, thereby reducing the impact on biodiversity. Their method makes it possible to obtain large volumes of cells from small quantities of plants (500 liters from 100 milliliters). They currently work with 60 active marine ingredients from 40 species of algae and marine plants.

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