Discover Air Liquide’s new Shareholder Lounge!

Published on December 16, 2022

3 mins

On November 23, Air Liquide inaugurated its new Shareholder Lounge, based at the Group’s head office. This space dedicated to Shareholders exemplifies the innovative nature of our company, which is committed to sustainable development and firmly focused on the future.

Completely redesigned, it is now a real showcase for the Group, embodying our close relationship with our Shareholders in a new framework that supports the Group’s ambitions and its commitment to sustainable development.

The opening of the new Shareholder Lounge on November 23 was attended by Shareholders; Mr Benoît Potier, Chairman of the Board; Mr François Jackow, Chief Executive Officer; and Ms Fabienne Lecorvaisier, Executive Vice President; as well as several members of the Executive Committee and the Shareholder Services Department. 

This space encourages face-to-face meetings and enables Shareholders to confidentially talk with our Shareholder Relations advisors if they so desire.

As a natural complement to an increasingly digital world, proximity and face-to-face contact with individual Shareholders remain essential to our view of what shareholder relationships should be like. We have thus updated our meeting space with a completely redesigned Shareholder Lounge.
Benoît Potier, Chairman of the Board of Air Liquide. 


Discover the Shareholder Lounge

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