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Four out of ten young people want to become shareholders in the next few years

Published on December 16, 2021

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At Air Liquide, individual share ownership is particularly important to us. Although young Shareholders are few and far between - despite a strong and renewed interest in the stock market among French people since the start of the health crisis - the study that we carried out with Viavoice revealed that 38% of French people aged 25–40 who do not currently hold shares want to invest in the stock market in the coming years. This figure bodes very well for the future!

A renewed interest in share ownership, especially among young workers aged 25–40

Since 2017, the Group has conducted several studies in collaboration with research institutes to better understand shareholding trends in France and to better respond to the expectations of Shareholders. This year, the Viavoice institute conducted a survey on the relationship between young people and share ownership. The figures from this survey show a clear interest from young adults.

According to this study, 38% of French people aged 25–40 who do not currently hold shares want to invest in the stock market. For many years, young French people have had little interest in investing in shares, which makes this percentage all the more significant. Excluding employee share ownership, only 14% of young French people revealed that they hold shares in one or more companies.

There is a desire to invest despite some barriers

Having disposable savings is not the primary obstacle for young workers mentioned in the survey. The main barrier stated preventing young people from investing in shares is still a lack of information. Among the reasons listed for not investing in shares, young people mentioned the lack of awareness of investment approaches (39%) and the lack of information on investment possibilities (31%).

This study provides the Group with the validation and motivation it needs to step up the measures it has carried out for several years to support and expand share ownership in young people.

To find out more about this study, watch this interview with Patrick Renard, Director of Shareholder Services at Air Liquide, that was streamed as part of the Investir Day 2021 event (in french only).


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