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Fraud information

Published on February 29, 2024

2 minutes

Air Liquide has been informed of attempted fraud involving the theft of its identity.

Description of fraud attempts

These fraudulent practices use various communication channels

  • Internet sites
  • E-mails
  • Telephone canvassing
  • ...

They encourage people to invest in Air Liquide shares: 

  • with a commercial discount on the share price
  • with a high or guaranteed return

by using the name of Air Liquide or certain of its employees.

Air Liquide does not solicit, directly or through financial institutions or advisors, the purchase of Air Liquide shares with a commercial discount or a guaranteed/high return: these practices are illegal and any approach of this type that you may encounter is an attempt at fraud.

Below are illustrations of a fraud involving Air Liquide shares:

We advise you to be extremely vigilant: beware of overly attractive offers, with promises of very high, risk-free returns, and which require you to make a decision or take action quickly.

What should you do if you fall victim to a fraud attempt?

When in doubt 

  • Do not respond to any solicitation to buy Air Liquide shares and/or make payments via websites other than or, or via e-mail or telephone calls.
    • Do not communicate your personal details (telephone, e-mail, identity documents, bank details, IBAN, proof of address, Air Liquide shareholder ID number, etc.) to contacts or sites whose reliability you cannot confirm;
    • Do not take unsolicited phone calls;
    • Do not take for granted the information given by someone on the phone, who may not be who you think they are;
    • Do not be pressured by the person you're talking to, and take the time to think things through.
  • You can contact Air Liquide by sending an e-mail to the dedicated address:
  • You can view the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) blacklists of unauthorized companies and sites. The AMF reminds us of the rules of vigilance and the good reflexes to have before any investment.
  • You can watch this extract from the October 2023 webinar (in French only), which warns of existing fraudulent practices.

If you are a victim of fraud, you can: 

  • File a complaint with the authorities: police or gendarmerie.
  • Notify Air Liquide of the company’s identity theft via the dedicated address:

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