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Shareholders’ voice: Air Liquide and its sense of Shareholder relations

Published on September 21, 2023

2 minutes

The Shareholder culture, and more particularly the attachment to individual shareholding, are strong markers of Air Liquide's identity. The Annual General Meeting, regional meetings, Shareholders’ portraits, trade fairs and webinars are all events that enable us to cultivate the relationship of trust and proximity that unites us.

This culture is embodied in a wide range of initiatives designed to foster a long-term relationship with our Shareholders, such as loyalty bonus, free shares attributions and passing on shares. It is also nurtured on a daily basis by the personalized exchanges you have with more than 40 experts and dedicated advisors in the Shareholder Services Department.

Interview with Malo D., direct registered Shareholder for the past 10 years.

How does the relationship you share with Air Liquide take shape?

The Group seeks to create links. I like to reach out to others, and I have the impression that Air Liquide is like that too. At Air Liquide, there are thousands of us, and we form a whole! What brings me closer to Air Liquide is also a family bond.

A passing on shares story, perhaps?

Indeed, I inherited my shares from my grandfather. I would have liked my grandfather to know that I took part in the "2022 Shareholders’ Portraits" and that my face appears in various Group publications. 

What does investing in Air Liquide mean to you? 

As I was saying, my shares come from my grandfather. And what's incredible is that he chose to invest in a company that works for diabetics, without knowing that his own grandson would be diabetic. In turn, I'd like to pass on my actions to my children to perpetuate this commitment. 

Find out more:
Because we believe that meeting in person is crucial for maintaining quality relationships, we confidentially welcome you to the Shareholder Lounge at 75, quai d'Orsay in Paris. Click here to make an appointment.

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