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Shareholder's voice: moving forward for long-term performance.

Published on June 07, 2023

2 minutes

Our Shareholders come from all horizons. It is this diversity that we would like to celebrate by highlighting the variety of their personalities, interests and passions... but always with a common thread that you will find throughout their portraits: Air Liquide!

With 35% of the capital held by individual Shareholders, Air Liquide boasts the highest proportion of individual Shareholders in the CAC 40! Individual Shareholders have always played an essential role in supporting our development. We are proud to have nearly 750,000 Shareholders. So many opportunities to give them a voice and to testify to what unites them: Air Liquide.

Returning to the interview with Bruno C., an administered Shareholder for 31 years.

Thanks to a deeply resilient and diversified business model, the Group is confidently committed, alongside its Shareholders, combining financial and extra-financial performance. How do you put into practice the "sense of performance" you share with Air Liquide?

Performance is important for a company, especially for its Shareholders. This is what I feel with Air Liquide's communication. If Air Liquide is a leader in its sector, it is the result of the choices made by the company and its vision.

Why do you consider Air Liquide a company of the future?

If a company wants to move forward and remain competitive in its market, it needs to invest in R&D and innovation. That's exactly what Air Liquide is doing with its research on hydrogen to decarbonize the industry. Air Liquide anticipates the world’s changes. The Group is not just reactive, but proactive and forward-thinking. I also take action on an individual level, for example, by using an electric scooter.

You are very committed on a daily basis. What brings you closer to Air Liquide?

I am involved in several associations, working with isolated elderly people and middle school students. In each case, the goal is to build connections and care for others. Today, I want to feel useful and contribute to the functioning of society. As a writer, I hope to encourage people to reflect, especially by highlighting the power of collective action as a way to drive progress.

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