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Webinar: Shareholding in practice

Published on October 19, 2023

1 minute

How shares are held, loyalty bonus, stock market orders, taxation... Air Liquide answered your questions during a webinar on October 25.

Dialogue, trust and proximity are the basis of the relationship between Air Liquide and its Individual Shareholders. 

How to benefit from the loyalty bonus? What are the differences between holding shares directly with Air Liquide or through a bank? What steps can be taken online? How can you recognise and protect yourself from fraudulent offers?

Our 3 experts from the Shareholder Services Department: Annabelle Barnett, Louis Laffont and Anne-Laure Martinon answered these questions and any others you asked them live during this webinar hosted by journalist Hélène Gateau.

Watch the replay (French only)


Speakers from the Shareholder Services Department

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