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What image do young people have of the industry? Let’s hear what students have to say!

Published on August 08, 2023

3 minutes

Every year, Air Liquide invites students to experience working life at the Group for themselves so they can find out more about its roles and its business lines, meet employees and discuss job opportunities.

Today’s society is more concerned by climate change and the energy transition than ever before. A growing number of students are taking action to change the world in which we live. Our company is similarly driven!

At Air Liquide, we are active in virtually every sector of the economy, striving to create a positive impact on society with the solutions we develop. From health to the energy transition, from steelmaking to food processing, from electronics to pharmaceuticals, from space to deep tech, our gases are everywhere, helping respond to the major challenges facing society.

This year, we interviewed four students on subjects that are sparking debate among future graduates, particularly the industry’s role in responding to today’s environmental and social challenges.

Being an industry leader in the energy transition: is that really plausible?

In the fight against climate change, young graduates are questioning the industry’s role in the energy transition: can it really help create a more sustainable future? 

Determined to pursue a career with a positive impact on the environment, Manon explains how she sees her role and what she thinks of Air Liquide’s initiatives.

Manon Chenailler, studying for a degree in European Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris

Is the industry really innovating?

Can industries born in the 20th century be innovative? After all, isn’t the ability to adapt in response to new challenges the secret to longevity?

Paul-Hubert, who is particularly interested in major energy projects, explains how he sees the role of innovation in large, century-old groups and his inspiring view of Air Liquide.

Paul-Hubert Cartier, studying for a degree in Project Management in the energy industry at CentraleSupélec

The inflexible environment of a large group: one life-long career?

After several years of studying for a degree and starting out in the world of work, some people find themselves in the same routine, day after day. Is it too late to set your sights on new career goals and new opportunities?

Stéphane wants his career to be truly diverse. He discusses Air Liquide’s approach to offering varied roles in different sectors around the world, explaining how a diverse career would help him flourish.

Stéphane Grabsia, studying for a degree in the Continuous Improvement of the Supply Chain at the École des Ponts ParisTech

Is the role of women in the industry still an issue today?

Women continue to be under-represented in the industry. And yet they have always contributed to scientific progress. What more can women do to go even further?

Abigaïl says it’s all about being bold, seizing available opportunities and not being held back by a “traditional” education. This engineering student tells us how she envisions her career in an industrial group, with inspiring examples of women in positions of responsibility.

Abigaïl Lepers, studying for a degree in the Supply Chain at the École des Ponts ParisTech
You can also watch the discussion between these four students, Armelle Levieux, Vice President of Human Resources, and Matthieu Giard, Vice President of the Industrial Merchant business line and Hydrogen activities, both members of Air Liquide’s Executive Committee.

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