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Trust for building a best-in-class governance

More than ever, a sustainable future means working with all our stakeholders and sharing responsibility in a spirit of openness, fairness and accountability. Through transparency and continuous dialogue, Air Liquide commits to strengthening relations with its stakeholders: customers and patients, shareholders, suppliers, local communities and the public sphere.

A diversified Board of Directors and close relationships with shareholders

Being international, independent and gender-balanced with a wealth of different profiles and skills, Air Liquide’s Board of Directors is a key strength for the Group’s long-term performance. A performance which brings value to all our shareholders. The trust and loyalty of our close to 800,000 individual Shareholders are key to Air Liquide's development. For more than a century, the Group has involved them in its growth, building long-term relationships based on transparency and proximity. We commit to maintaining ongoing dialogue with both individual and institutional shareholders through dedicated services, attractive remuneration and increased long-term investment value.

A responsible dialogue with our business stakeholders

In a constantly evolving and increasingly competitive environment, integrity, transparency and dialogue are the cornerstones of Air Liquide's responsibility to customers, patients and suppliers. The Principles of Action defined by the Group govern the actions of all our employees in the management of business. We also go one step further by introducing an assessment of our sustainability development approach in the customer satisfaction surveys. As part of our procurement policy, we are also monitoring the compliance of our suppliers in terms of responsibility.

Improving customer experience, from listening to actionAs part of its commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience, Air Liquide has set up in 2017 the “Voice of the Customer” digital platform to collect and analyze customer reviews in real time worldwide and to react immediately in case of dissatisfaction. This platform allows each Air Liquide entity to measure customer satisfaction and share feedback throughout the Group in a spirit of continuous improvement and transparency. Over 150,000 customer feedback reports have already been submitted through the platform, deployed in more than 60 countries.

A positive impact on societies where we operate

Air Liquide develops close relationships and dialogue with all its local stakeholders, whether communities, international institutions, NGOs, associations or authorities. In particular, the Air Liquide Foundation acts for the advancement of science, through support to fundamental medical and environmental research. The Foundation also contributes to the development of communities through local initiatives and its work on professional integration in technical fields. In doing so, we help make a positive impact on local communities where we operate.