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Materiality matrix

In 2020, the Group conducted a consultation of its stakeholders on Sustainable Development issues, as it had previously. The purpose of this matrix is to integrate the main risks and opportunities into the Group’s strategy according to the importance attached to them by various stakeholders.

21 issues covering environmental, social, societal, economic, Human Rights and governance aspects were consequently submitted for consideration by the Group’s stakeholders. Nearly 1,400 responses were received, compiled and analyzed to produce this materiality matrix of Air Liquide’s sustainable development issues.

The matrix shown below highlights the following elements:

  • The 21 sustainable development issues are considered to be important by stakeholders: no question received an average score of less than 2 on a scale of 1 to 4
  • 14 issues were assessed as major, with a wide consensus of support as stakeholders recognize Air Liquide’s commitment in these areas and their integration into Group strategy

Issues such as health and safety at work, ethics, quality of service to customers and climate change action were rated as very important by stakeholders, who also recognize the Group’s achievements in these areas.

The issue relating to protection of the habitats and biodiversity is the only one where the various stakeholders have significantly differing views. The Group has already identified the importance of this issue by addressing the biodiversity risk in the Extra-financial Performance Declaration and by carrying out several actions, also described in the EFPD.