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Major investment in the U.S. Air Liquide expands relationship with LyondellBasell

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Air  Liquide has signed a new long term contract with LyondellBasell in the U.S. to provide steam, power, air gases and water to three LyondellBasell sites in the Bayport Industrial District in Pasadena, Texas. This agreement expands Air  Liquide’s existing relationship with LyondellBasell, a longstanding global customer and one of the largest plastics, chemicals and fuels companies in the world.

Under this new agreement, Air  Liquide will re-invest in a state-of-the-art, energy efficient cogeneration unit, increasing its capacity and extending its life by more than 20  years. The facility will have a full capacity of 300  megawatts of electricity and more than 1,300  tonnes of steam per hour. Air  Liquide is also investing in Air Separation Unit upgrading and capacity expansion and additional infrastructure at the facility.

The overall investment for this facility will be approximately € 180  million ($230  million), and was accounted for as a Q1 2013 investment decision.

Additional capacity from these investments will also provide for the needs of other customers throughout this Texas regional basin. The Bayport basin is a key industrial hub for major petrochemical and refining activities in the area. This expands upon Air  Liquide’s strong footprint in this region serving large industrial and manufacturing customers.

Michael Graff, Air Liquide Senior Vice-President and a member of the Executive Committee, commented: “We want to thank the LyondellBasell Group for its continued trust in Air  Liquide as its supplier of choice. With this investment, Air  Liquide further demonstrates its capacity to meet the growing needs of long-term customers and the rising demands of major industrial hubs around the world with highly reliable products and services delivered with world class safety and efficiency.”

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