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Air Liquide’s robust activities in the U.S. industrial sector touch every industry, including energy chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, metal fabrication, manufacturing, materials handling, laboratories and research, aeronautics and space, and everything in between. We supply industrial and specialty gases in an array of volumes and purities, along with related technologies and services. We offer a range of gas supply modes, including cylinder and bulk delivery, pipeline distribution, and on-site production. Our customizable solutions are geared to improve process safety, maximize productivity, and reduce the environmental footprint of our customers’ operations.

We innovate constantly to drive progress in each industry we serve, developing solutions that are safer, more reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable.

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Airgas Healthcare provides the most comprehensive range of medical gases and related products and services to serve the needs of its life sciences and healthcare customers in the United States.

We’re also present in the specialty ingredients field (excipients and actives for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutrition and vaccine markets) with SEPPIC. Further, our Scott Medical Products brand provides specialty medical gases and associated equipment, and active pharmaceutical ingredient fluorocarbon products to the global medical industry.

Related brands

Air Liquide Electronics provides innovative solutions for the semiconductor, photovoltaic and flat panel display markets. We contribute to the innovation of the world’s most advanced companies in the electronic industry. Through our focus on designing scientific innovations and technological implementation in the world of the infinitely small, we enable our customers to think amazingly big.

Engineering & Construction

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Air Liquide Engineering & Construction builds the Group’s production units (mainly air gas separation and hydrogen production units) and also supplies external customers with its portfolio of technologies. Its major engineering center for the Americas is located in Houston, Texas.

Science & New energies

The world leader in high tech industrial gas applications, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies puts its expertise to work for numerous sectors: space, aeronautics, marine, science and industry. We develop user-focused, innovative and competitive solutions with a collaborative spirit and an appetite for entrepreneurship.

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