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Air Liquide in Mainland China Medical gases

Medical gases

Supplying healthcare professionals with treatments and solutions that contribute to our mission of protecting vulnerable lives

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From Emergency, Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), till ward, medical gases are widely used in different departments in hospitals. Air Liquide Healthcare strictly follows related standard and regulations, having strict requirement about gas quality and continuous supply, to ensure the safety of hospital gas supply.

Our regulation compliance

According to the national regulations, medical oxygen is considered as medication, which implies that all companies producing medical gases must strictly follow the production and management system defined by the CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration. Only the medical gases complying with the CFDA standards or the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards can be sold in Chinese market. Basing on strictly following Chinese GMP regulations and Pharmacopoeia standard, Air Liquide Healthcare refers to the advanced management concepts in Europe to further ensure the product quality and safety, and make sure that our customers won’t have concern about using our products.

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Our Regulation Compliance

Learn more about the market authorization and our medical gases production and management.

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Medical gases production

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) management is enforced to plants by the nation. As a medical gases producer, we follow strictly the GMP requirements to produce the gases.

Market authorization

Medical gases, which are medication, shall get market authorization before entering into the market. We submited our production documents to the CFDA for review and assessment then obtained our market authorization.

The following three licenses are indispensible for every producer:

  • Drug product liscence
  • Drug's number license
  • GMP liscence

Medical gases management

  • We ensure the traceability of gas products: each batch of gas product can be traced to their institution so that quality issues can be efficiently recalled and followed
  • Medical gases use dedicated equipment: storage equipment of medical gases shall be dedicated, having clear distinction label comparing to others, and shall not be mixed with industrial gases

Our logistics reliability

For healthcare institutions, it is essential to ensure gas safety and continuous supply. Air Liquide Healthcare is dedicated to offering safe and reliable gas supply for customers:

  • We accumulate enriched experience in storage, delivery and operation worldwide and carry out unified standard management system
  • Different plants located in the region ensure enough gas sources
  • Advanced and reliable telemonitoring system helps to monitor storage of the equipment and manage procurement of medical gases
  • Dedicated logistics vehicles are equipped with monitoring and GPS to ensure in-time delivery of gas products

Our gas supply mode

Different healthcare institutions may have different needs about gas supply as they would like to choose optimal gas supply mode based on place, consumption, etc. Air Liquide Healthcare offers customized gas supply solutions and various gas packaging according to customer’s actual requirements. Our professional team will propose most suitable solution to customers to optimize gas usage and management. Our supply mode includes:

  • Liquid oxygen tanks
  • Skid tank
  • LGC
  • Cylinders
  • Innovative cylinder TAKEOTM

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TAKEOTM Cylinders

Use medical oxygen in a safer and easier way.

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Air Liquide Healthcare’s integrated cylinder solutions provide medical facilities and healthcare professionals with more innovative, safe and economic options. Our TAKEO™ and Presence™ cylinders provide you with ideal experience about a safer and easier use of medical oxygen.


New innovative digital medical oxygen cylinder with integrated valve and digital gauge provides a safe, effective and economic solution for transferring patients and emergency use in hospital.

  • Safe: multiple security design ensure safety of healthcare professionals and patients
  • Effective: 2 outlets available for ventilator and nasal cannula, ready-to-use design; Faster oxygen set up by easy-to-use open valve with flow meter
  • Economic: digital gauge displays remaining volume and remaining time of oxygen inside cylinder, which helps you to improve cylinder usage and reduce cost by lowering rotation rate

Our customer services

Besides medical gases, Air Liquide Healthcare provides hospitals with professional suggestions and services based on our global experience. We help you to optimize the gas usage and management.

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Our Customer Services

Learn more about our technical support and training services.

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Technical support

  • Professionals do customer on-site evaluation and draw up most suitable installation plan
  • Regular inspections and preventive maintenance ensure the operation of the equipment and improve safety and reliability of the equipment
  • 24H emergency respond offer in-time technical support
  • Safety evaluation prevents customers from risks and helps to establish safety awareness


  • We offer corresponding training to business related hospital staff, promote the adoption of best practies and help hospital staff to have a better understanding of the equipment and gas characteristics to avoid incorrect operation and ensure safety

Medical gases we offer

Based on the powerful production and transport capacity of Air Liquide Healthcare provides hospitals with various gases, such as:

  • Medical oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Medical equipment gas
  • Hospital laboratory gas

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Medical Gases We Offer

Learn more details about the medical gases we offer.

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Medical oxygen

Widely used in various sectors in the hospital for hypoxia treatment: from the first aid room, operation room, intensive care unit to the ward. Medical oxygen flows through the hospital by means of a highly-safe distribution pipeline. This is to ensure timely supply of medical oxygen. It can be obtained through a wall interface device installed in each ward, or through a pipeline directly connected to a pressurized gas cylinder. The production and distribution process of all medical oxygen shall comply with related regulations of the nation.

Carbon dioxide

Used for clinical celioscopy procedures, surgery and laboratories.

Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is used for cryopreservation and dermatology in medical area.

Cryopreservation: preserving cord blood and cells, bone marrow cells, sperm and microorganisms for lab use.

In dermatology, liquid nitrogen is commonly used to freeze benign growth, precancer, and skin cancer.

Medical equipment gas

Liquid helium: for superconducting MRI equipment; high purity liquid helium as a cooling medium, establishing and maintaining superconducting device environment.

Laboratory gas

We provide a variety of standard laboratory gases and calibration gases to hospital.