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advanced Business & Technologies

Incubator of New Technologies and Markets

With its commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation, and a unique set of expertises, advanced Business & Technologies (aB&T) is the network of Air Liquide’s subsidiaries dedicated to new business incubation.

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of aB&T is to shape new markets to respond to key energy and environmental challenges.

Respond to major energy and environmental challenges

The key to the success of aB&T is based on its unique blend of multiple strengths: audacity, a scientific and technological mindset with an entrepreneurial momentum. Its services are focused on product innovation and the understanding of new markets and substantial technological and IT capabilities that allow it to go beyond the frontiers of science.

The aB&T network contributes to the Group’s long-term profitable growth by supporting and encouraging innovative ideas and technologies until they are operationally mature.

Our Organisation


sites on three continents


employees including more than 120 Group experts



A Global Network

Our aB&T network is structured into four main entities:

  • Advanced Business develops, invests in and implements solutions based on the molecules of the Group and technologies for the customers’ benefits
  • Advanced Technologies provides solutions to state-of-the-art industries and the hi-tech sector and offers unique expertise in extreme cryogenics
  • Advanced IT provides the Group with innovative solutions via information technology and The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies
  • Advanced Investment (ALIAD) is the Group’s investment vehicle which contributes to the growth and competitiveness of Air Liquide by investing in innovative startups

aB&T operates more than a dozen subsidiary companies in 9 sites on 3 continents, and employs almost 1,100 people (including more than 120 Group experts).

A worldwide presence

Our aB&T network operates more than a dozen subsidiary companies in 9 sites on 3 continents.

Our Realizations

Air Liquide, actor in the energy transition

As part of its contribution to the energy transition challenge, Air Liquide drives innovation in clean transportation and offers natural energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

Development of the hydrogen energy
Today, more than 60 Air Liquide recharge stations for cars, buses and forklifts have been deployed around the world.

For example, we are contributing to the development of the non-polluting energy source known as hydrogen energy by opening hydrogen charging stations around the world (Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Japan, etc.).

Future Group projects include a fully integrated hydrogen-refueling infrastructure in the northeast of the USA, which will be on-stream by the end of 2016.

Hydrogen station
Discover the Air Liquide hydrogen station in Düsseldorf, Germany

Sustainable mobility
Air Liquide has acquired FordonsGas.

In biofuels, we have acquired FordonsGas, a company that designs and operates more than 40 Biogas charging stations providing natural bio CNG biogas for vehicles in Sweden.

Bio CNG is a key market for the development of sustainable mobility at a time when the Swedish government has stated its intention to remove all transportation-related fossil fuels by 2030.

Les solutions biogaz d'Air Liquide
Air Liquide provides solutions for biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction.