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Global Markets & Technologies

Supporting the markets of energy transition and deep tech

The Global Markets & Technologies (GM&T) business unit focuses on markets that require a global approach, helping to invent the future. It offers technological solutions - molecules, equipment and services - to support the development of the energy transition and deep tech. Whether for advanced technologies, industrial solutions, biogas solutions or marine, the objective is to create value for our customers and accelerate Air Liquide's sustainable growth.

Energy transition and mobility

To support the energy transition, GM&T markets solutions that respect the environment, from production to use by the customer. Hydrogen and biomethane are key elements of tomorrow's energy mix.


hydrogen stations installed worldwide

Hydrogen solutions

We are contributing to the deployment and growing use of hydrogen by developing technologies that implement it. The hydrogen stations that we design and manufacture are dedicated to filling cars, buses, trucks, trains and, in the near future, ships and airplanes.


biomethane production units installed worldwide

Biomethane solutions

We design, manufacture, and operate biomethane production units that transform biogas from agricultural, household, or industrial waste so that it can be injected in domestic networks.

Biomethane has many applications notably clean mobility (as anatural gas for trucks, buses, ferries etc.), electrical networks, and heating. It can also be liquefied and transported to the end user. We master its entire value chain.

Deep tech

To support deep tech, GM&T imagines and develops, with its customers and ecosystems, disruptive technologies for the space exploration and fundamental science markets. Thanks to its patented technologies and its expertise in cryogenics, GM&T continues to push back the frontiers of science and open up new markets.

Scientific research

We support laboratories, research centers, R&D, major scientific instrument manufacturers and quantum computing players with our expertise in mechanical cold production, gas liquefaction, storage and distribution of cryogenic fluids at extremely low temperatures.


Involved in space exploration, we develop energy production and storage technologies, as well as air purification equipment, to support future missions. Our expertise also includes launch infrastructure, on-board cryogenics, and ground test equipment for launchers and satellites.


We connect many markets to high value-added essential molecules such as helium, argon, carbon dioxide and liquefied natural gas across borders and oceans. With dedicated assets, global sourcing and storage capabilities, we create multimodal and sustainable solutions (land, sea, air) for our customers.

2,600 employees

€858M 2023 revenue