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Leveraging the power of digital & data

Simplifying and enhancing the experience of our customers and patients

At Air Liquide, we leverage the power of digital to deliver a world class omnichannel seamless customer experience. It involves harnessing data and developing digital solutions to better manage our Assets, interact with our Customers and patients, and leverage our Ecosystems - the ACE strategy. The value created offers greater efficiencies, increased growth opportunities and business sustainability over the long term.

No. 1 for digital maturity among CAC 40 companies in the last eCAC40 barometer.

Driving value

At Air Liquide, we harness the power of the latest technological advances and our history of industrial excellence to foster innovation and enable talents to thrive. It is achieved by unleashing collaboration between Digital & IT teams and operations. 

Driving value with and for the business teams at Air Liquide, our Digital & IT teams design, develop and run products and services, enabling more efficient processes and improving the experience of our employees, customers and patients. The teams also harness vast quantities of data to co-create new approaches that empower Air Liquide’s staff and create new customer solutions, all the while helping the Group to monitor and reduce its carbon intensity and that of its customers.

Together with the Industrial Merchant World business line, ALIZENT, Air Liquide’s subsidiary that enables digital transformation for asset management, production & logistics for the Group and selected third party industries, co-created a new digital product for the Integrated Bulk Operations program that helps dispatchers plan deliveries in a more efficient, more customer-centric and environmentally friendly way – less kilometers mean less CO2 emissions from our fleet of trucks.

Data as a key asset 

Data represents a key asset for Air Liquide. We leverage data from our assets - 400 plants, 22 millions gas cylinders, - in total more than 1 billion pieces of data is collected every day. 

We have set up a data governance that involves our business lines, functional experts and operational entities to maintain, harmonize and improve the quality and availability of our data.

1 Bn

of data points collected each day

12 data officers

steering the data roadmap in their business lines and functions


active data / artificial Intelligence use cases, products and programs

Since 2019 Air Liquide has organized and hosted its annual Data Summit. It is an open and inclusive event, to get inspired and explore how data accelerates value creation in the industry. 

2020: Find here the highlights of the Data Summit 2020.  
2019: Find here the key insights of the fist Data Summit in a dedicated white paper

Integrating the latest digital solutions within its Large Industries business line gives Air Liquide the ability to extract and analyze operational data directly from its production sites. This data allows us to anticipate incidents, optimize equipment maintenance and facilitate decision-making to continue improving our performance in supplying industrial gases to our customers.

By automating and centralizing its operations, the Group can also optimize plant performance, especially in terms of energy consumption - to deliver higher efficiency and to reduce its environmental footprint (in terms of indirect CO2 emissions avoided).

Discover our operations optimization center in Dubai

Enabling talents to thrive

Digital as a core competency for Air Liquide and a part of the corporate expertise program.

Sharing knowledge throughout the Group and acculturation of teams in particular to data and AI challenges is essential for the adoption and success of digital initiatives. Air Liquide implements a wide range of dedicated programs for its employees such as data challenges open to all employees, Digital Campuses, training for executives. 

Furthermore, we place value on attracting and developing the best Digital & IT talents, valuing diversity. 

The empowerment of teams is key. 

La Digital Factory, that is a part of the Digital & IT teams, gathers a pool of talents keeping Air Liquide at the forefront of strategic areas: data, design, user research and software engineering. 

“New critical skills: Data and computer science” with Gaylord Mazelier

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Discover how we leverage data to bring value to our assets, customers and ecosystems

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