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Digital transformation strategy

Transforming our activities for a delightful customer experience

The development of the connected devices, of infrastructures that allow to store and broadcast a massive amount of data, and also the evolution of usages are making the information accessible to the greater number. The Group’s clients evolve and express new needs and new usages: new ways of living, working, travelling, communicating...

A customer-centric transformation strategy

Our digital transformation strategy is a critical component of the Group’s innovation and is a core part of the customer-centric transformation strategy, within our NEOS company program.

For the Group’s core activities, this strategy aims at transforming the way that Air Liquide:

  • manages its Assets (production units, storages, cylinders…) to guarantee best-in-market customer service excellence
  • interacts with its Customers and patients to provide a best-in-market customer experience
  • leverages the Ecosystems (internal communities and external innovation ecosystems) to ensure an agile and performing organization.

With the definition of a common frame for the whole Group activities, Air Liquide leverages digital to meet its NEOS program objectives, and to deliver to its clients and patients the best-in-market customer experience.

Managing our assets, interacting with our customers, leveraging on ecosystems

A connected and integrated infrastructure

The implementation of the "Smart Innovative Operations" global program in the Large Industries activity aims at increasing the efficiency and flexibility of our production units.

Connect: digital technology at the heart of our plants

By using the latest digital tools to analyze operating data, this program enables to optimize equipment maintenance, anticipate incidents, and facilitate decision-making to ultimately improve the supply of industrial gases to our customers. Deployed at a global level, it is organized around the automation and centralization of operations, the anticipation of breakdowns, and the optimization of the plants’ performances. Optimizing the energy consumption of the production sites enables the Group to both generate efficiencies and to reduce its carbon footprint (indirect avoided CO2 emissions).

Smart Innovative Operations

With the creation of the "SIO Fab", in "La Factory", a collaborative space based in Paris that brings together experts in the relevant areas (Large Industries, Information Technologies, digital transformation, R&D), the program is being rolled out more rapidly on a global scale by delivering a turnkey solution.The Group has already deployed its digital tools for predictive maintenance at 15 production sites around the world (China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

With the operational optimization of the Group’s production units, the SIO program provides customers a more adapted service that offers greater reliability, flexibility and responsiveness.

Airgas call center in Pennsylvania. Telesales are part of the omnichannel approach.

A customer journey through an omnichannel approach

Beyond technological competencies, operational excellence, efficiency and integrity in conducting business, clients expect the Group to provide consistent offers regardless of the channel they choose, transparent accessibility to data and agility in response.

The omnichannel approach requires a strong knowledge of the customer journey. This is why the Group is deploying amongst others the "Voice of Customer" program which will enable to collect and analyse in real time the feedbacks on the customer experience .

Airgas also brings its expertise on the implementation of the customer journey, thanks to its omnichannel approach: distributors, telesales, stores and an e-commerce platform (online sales of gas and equipments).

Ecosystems contributing to an agile and performing organization

Air Liquide reinforced its external partnerships, notably with start-ups to accelerate the pace of innovation and digital transformation for the benefit of the customer experience.

In 2017, Air Liquide participated to the CES in Las Vegas with 5 startups: Ubleam, Diota, Imag'ing, Speachme and TAMR.

Air Liquide is developing a tool with Imag'ing to scan its production units in 3D that allows access to fast and precise plans of its industrial sites, in view of maintenance or improvement operations.

With Ubleam, Air Liquide is testing with some of its customers a recognition technology for  smart logos (bleams) located on gas cylinders, that enables to access further informations on the cylinder thanks to an instantaneous access on a smartphone.

In March 2017, Air Liquide joined the Techstars Paris startup accelerator. Techstars is a global ecosystem that allows innovative entrepreneurs to work with large companies partners of the program on a daily basis. It enables a privileged access to the best startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things, cybersecurity and smart mobility.