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& Construction

Deploying technological innovation

Combining a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary technologies and technical expertise, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction meets the growing needs of our customers for safe, reliable and competitive operations. It also contributes to the transformation of a number of industries.

Our mission

Our Engineering & Construction specialists develop innovative and competitive solutions for the design and worldwide construction of cutting-edge production units that the Group operates (mainly air gas separation and hydrogen production units) or also supplies external customers with its portfolio of technologies. Our core expertise in industrial gases, energy conversion and gas purification enables our customers to optimize their use of natural resources.

Designing cutting-edge production units

Thanks to our capability to innovate continuously and our portfolio of proprietary technologies – now containing more than 1,600 patents – our specialists help customers become more competitive, optimize their use of natural resources, and respond effectively to increasingly strict safety and reliability regulations.

Our portfolio of Cryogenics and Lurgi technologies makes it possible for us to contribute to the development of environmental solutions for different markets, such as the chemical conversion markets, the oil and gas industry and the electronics market.

The scope of our expertise therefore covers every stage of the project lifecycle, from feasibility studies to complete delivery of the production installation, through the development of customized technologies for our clients.

Our organization

15 engineering centers and 3 manufacturing centers worldwide

Our success and innovation capabilities are supported by the robustness of our Engineering & Construction network comprised of 15 main engineering centers/front-end offices and 3 manufacturing centers (in France, China and the UAE).

This network enables us to succeed in the most complex industrial challenges, and provides an international sales and marketing network with a strong local presence and identity. This structure enables our specialists to respond effectively to many customer expectations.

Our realizations

Cryocap™, CO₂ cold capture system

Cryocap™ enables the capture of CO₂ released during hydrogen production via a cryogenic process. Its installation in Port-Jérôme, Normandy, at the largest steam methane reforming hydrogen production unit operated by Air Liquide in France represents the first industrial deployment of the Cryocap™ H₂ technology.

Cryogenic Technology Center: demonstrating our cryogenic innovations

At Cryogenic Technology Center (CTC) in Vitry (France), innovations related to cryogenic technology topics are developed, tested and demonstrated in an accelerated innovation cycle, thus being ready for early industrialization.

World's largest plants for industrial gas production

Through cutting edge innovations and based on Air Liquide’s proprietary technology and equipment design we are building the world's largest units for oxygen and hydrogen production. With a total capacity of 5,000 tons of oxygen per day and a start-up expected in 2017, the largest air separation unit (ASU) ever built will supply industrial gases to the Secunda site for Sasol in South Africa. Using proprietary technology we have designed and built units for the global-scale hydrogen production site in Yanbu Industrial City in Saudi Arabia with a total capacity of 340,000 Normal cubic meters per hour.

SMR-X, a zero steam hydrogen plant solution

SMR-X enables zero steam hydrogen production, with 4% natural gas fuel saving and 4% reduced CO₂ emission compared to conventional installations. As a follow up to successful tests at SMR-X demonstration plant, the technology is ready for commercialization.

Gas POx (partial oxidation) contributing to clean air

Our natural gas partial oxidation technology (Gas POx) has been successfully proven in a first reference project in Germany. Recently Air Liquide Engineering & Construction has been selected for ultra-low emission ammonia project in California. Our innovative Gas-POx technology enables to reduce carbon, NOx and CO emissions compared to conventional syngas solutions.

A full portfolio of solutions for the LNG market

LNG is used as a clean and cheap fuel, that enables the energy transition. Air Liquide has successfully re-entered the LNG market with first commercial successes achieved leveraging strong expertise in cryogenics and gas treatment technologies. We offer customers a suite of highly efficient and proven LNG technologies based on own proprietary processes using BAHX technology.

Cryocap™ H₂ presentation

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