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What we do

Inventing, designing and producing high quality solutions for customers and patients

Global Markets & Technologies

€330 m

revenue in 2016

Leveraging science, technologies, business models, and digital usages, the new Business Unit “Global Markets & Technologies” focuses on new markets requiring a global approach.

It is composed of:

  • advanced Business & Technologies (aB&T)
  • Air Liquide Maritime
aB&T develops user-focused, innovative and competitive solutions from the high tech fields to the Energy Transition territories


advanced Business & Technologies (aB&T) is in charge of opening new markets relating to the energy transition: hydrogen energy; clean transportation with the use of Bio-NGV and mobile refrigeration with nitrogen, processing and injection of biogas into the natural gas network, and of developing Space, Aerospace, extreme cryogenics businesses, based on its core technologies.

Thanks to our organization present around the world, we develop, shape and incubate significant new markets, sustainable for Air Liquide and for the Society.

We develop user-focused, innovative and competitive solutions from the high tech fields (Space, Aerospace, Scientific Research…) to the Energy Transition territories (Hydrogen Energy, clean transportation, Biogas…) with a collaborative spirit and an appetite for entrepreneurship.

offshore wind turbines
Offshore wind turbines.

Air Liquide Maritime

Air Liquide Maritime is in charge of developing the gas usages by the actors in the maritime sector, namely, offshore oil and gas platforms (construction and maintenance, inerting, support to drilling, analytical services, diving gases), offshore wind turbines, and cryogenic transportation by sea of high value-added molecules, such as helium.

Focus on


Air Liquide Maritime helps offshore actors extract oil and gas resources safely and efficiently. We are a reliable partner who can provide optimum solutions anytime and anywhere around the world.

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Worldwide Expertise in the Offshore Value Chain

Air Liquide Maritime is present in more than 90% of all offshore supply bases worldwide. It is this presence that allows us to work with our customers at every stage of their activity cycle.

Thanks to our global presence, we operate in more than 90% of offshore supply bases.

We provide offshore actors with the best possible products, services and capabilities for their operations in compliance with the highest offshore quality and safety standards.

Thanks to our “one stop shop” offer, we are able to optimize our service quality and boost our customers’ performance while minimizing complexity and risk.

Our Offshore Offer

The quality of our products and the safety with which we deliver them drive everything we do. To this end, we are a dependable partner for:

To this end, we are a dependable partner for:

  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Subsea Works
  • Well Services
  • Analytical Services & Process control
  • Support Services and Living quarters

Our gases are delivered in cylinders, bundles, liquid containers or produced on-site. All products are continuously analyzed during manufacturing and controlled before delivery, in the respect of local and international regulations (ISO, DNV, ABS).

Our web based equipment tracking system enables both clients and suppliers to remotely locate fleet assets at all times.

As a result, Air Liquide Maritime is a recognized offshore partner along the entire value chain giving to the offshore actors the quality, expertise and innovative drive they need.


Hydrogen, the quiet revolution

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