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Our relationship  | April 06, 2020

420,000 shareholders, 420,000 reasons to share a unique link with Air Liquide

Amandine has recently been sharing a unique link with Air Liquide. As a shareholder, she also has a stake in the future…

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Your shares  | April 06, 2020

Tax conditions for investment securities are less complicated than you think!

Each year, you must declare your income to the tax authorities, including investment income and any capital gains or losses on the disposal of your shares. Let’s take a look at the applicable tax treatment.

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Our relationship  | April 06, 2020

Your 2020 Shareholder’s Guide is now available

Our close relationship with you is more important than ever. This new edition of the Shareholder’s Guide, which features many shareholders’ testimonials, is an opportunity to look back at this special relationship.

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Our activities  | April 01, 2020

COVID-19 - Air Liquide Healthcare teams more mobilized than ever

In the international and national health context of the COVID-19 outbreak, your Group is mobilized to support healthcare professionals, hospitals and patients.

Our relationship  | March 31, 2020

420,000 shareholders, 420,000 stories, 420,000 reasons to be a shareholder whatever your age

Léo, just a few months old and already a shareholder. The future lies before her.

Our relationship  | March 17, 2020

COVID-19: message from Benoît Potier to shareholders

Given the international and national health context linked to the COVID-19 outbreak, Benoît Potier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Air Liquide, addresses the Group shareholders.

Our relationship  | February 28, 2020

Air Liquide won gold, silver and bronze awards at the TOP/COM Grands Prix!

The 2019 Shareholder's Guide, the “Inventors of the future” video and the 2018 Annual Report have been rewarded.

Our relationship  | February 20, 2020

Air Liquide, 118 years of history with individual shareholders

You may not be aware of it, but Air Liquide would not have been able to grow without the confidence of its shareholders. It was the initial investment of 24 private individuals, plus the investments of all those who joined them year after year, that has ensured its growth. To mark the 107 years since the Company’s flotation on the stock market on February 20, 1913, let's retrace this history together.

Our activities  | February 12, 2020

2019 Annual Results: interview with Benoît Potier

Air Liquide presented its 2019 Annual Results on February 11, 2020. An occasion to discuss the highlights of the year 2019 and the performance of the Group with Benoît Potier, Chairman & CEO of Air Liquide.

Our relationship  | December 23, 2019

Every generation can enjoy share ownership!

Becoming an Air Liquide shareholder means acting for your own benefit while also helping to invent the future. As shareholders, you already know this. But what about new generations?

Our relationship  | December 18, 2019

Air Liquide’s responsible commitment in the news

Just one year on from the announcement of its climate objectives, the Air Liquide Group has received two awards for its commitment to responsible growth.

Our relationship  | October 29, 2019

Air Liquide and you, a story that starts with the first share

For the past five years, Air Liquide has showcased its shareholders in a series of portraits that highlight the diversity of your profiles and your stories. Now that the call for testimonies for the 6th season is over, let's get back to the earlier editions.