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Shareholder's voice: Air Liquide's sense of service

Published on August 31, 2023

2 minutes

The satisfaction and loyalty of our Shareholders enable Air Liquide to maintain its performance over the long term. All decisions take into account the interests of Shareholders and its other stakeholders.

Individual shareholding has been at the heart of the Group's DNA since its creation in 1902. It has always played an essential role in supporting our development by ensuring sustainable growth in the value of our activities. Our commitment to our community of nearly 750,000 Shareholders is based on the following four objectives:

  • Consider and respect
  • Enhancing the value of long-term savings
  • Listen and inform
  • Offer premium services

How is this “sense of service” deployed at Air Liquide? Meet Lise and Pierre L., Shareholders for 7 years.

Which services of the Shareholder Services Department do you use regularly?

Today, financial investments are complex. Not all our friends are familiar with the world of shareholding, and we sometimes share the Shareholder’s Factsheets that the Group regularly sends out. After all, I'm a bit like your ambassador! The other tools available to us are very useful, in particular the website. The online Shareholder Portal is very intuitive, and it’s easy to make purchases without being an ‘expert’.

How do you put into practice the "sense of service" you share with Air Liquide?

A relationship is an exchange of services. This is the starting point. For example, Lise helps a neighbor with her paperwork, making appointments and so on. For my part, I was the accountant/treasurer of my golf club for a long time. Today, I continue to advise the club, for example, on credit applications.

So you're very involved on a daily basis. What brings you closer to Air Liquide?

I like the humanist side of Air Liquide. For me, buying the Group's shares is a long-term investment to serve our objectives. My father used to say that Air Liquide was a sure investment! When he died in 2017, I inherited some capital and decided to invest in line with the family tradition! The aim of this capitalization is to pass it on: my children will inherit it. Moreover, I'm interested in the automotive industry, and in particular in the growing importance of hydrogen for tomorrow's transport. It's an interest I share with the Group. This encourages me to strengthen my shareholding portfolio.

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