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Decarbonizing our assets with efficiencies

Published on March 28, 2024

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Electrification of two oxygen production units in China


Tackling climate change requires action on many fronts. Air Liquide is committed to developing cutting-edge sustainable technologies while – at the same time – reducing CO2 emissions of its existing operations. And the first action is to draw out every efficiency we can. In order to act now, Air Liquide is modernizing its units to enhance their energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprint.


Air Liquide has successfully operated in China’s Tianjin basin for more than 20 years. The Group owns and operates four production sites there, as well as a large pipeline system to supply industrial gases to healthcare and industry. In 2023 we announced a €60 million revamp program to modernize and lower the carbon footprint of two air separation units (ASUs), so they can run on electrical power instead of steam, as part of a long-term contract renewal with our strategic customer. This major upgrade will enable the plant to avoid emitting 370,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to the electricity-related emissions of more than one million Chinese households.

In parallel, we are also investigating low-carbon Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to further drive down the emissions related to these plants.

370,000 tonnes anticipated annual CO₂ emission reduction

€60m dedicated to two major revamp programs

4,000 tonnes oxygen and other gases produced every day by the revamped plant

Electronics: In Singapore, a new cutting-edge on-site plant and upgrades of existing units in the U.S.


The semiconductor industry is rapidly evolving, with increasing demand for more energy-efficient semiconductor chips for AI applications, Electric Vehicles etc. To meet the specific needs of our electronics customers, we develop innovative solutions that bring significant energy efficiencies as well as sustainability benefits.


Air Liquide has been a trusted partner and experienced provider for customers in the semiconductor industry for a long time. Being close to customers – including our “on sites” plants that produce high purity gas at the customer site – is essential, as it allows for better collaboration, uninterrupted supply and decarbonization by avoiding the need to transport molecules. One of our customers, GlobalFoundries, is a leading manufacturer in semiconductors, whom Air Liquide has supplied ultra-pure carrier gases, such as ultra-pure nitrogen, for over two decades. Our newest project with them takes efficiency to the next level. We are building a new state-of-the-art plant on GlobalFoundries’ site in Singapore, replacing two old ones, resulting in significant energy efficiency savings and thus reducing the amount of electricity required, leading to a reduction of the customer’s carbon footprint.

A saving of this magnitude could power the annual energy needs of more than 3,650 typical Singaporian households. Additionally, Air Liquide has extended its partnership with GlobalFoundries’ existing units at its Malta, New York state site for the next 15 years. In this context, the units in New York will be upgraded via energy efficiency projects in order to support the site’s efficiency and sustainability needs over this period.

3,650 households that could be powered by our new factory’s energy savings