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Helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint

Published on March 28, 2024

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ATR-based low-carbon ammonia and hydrogen technologies


Air Liquide offers its customers a range of technologies tailored to their needs, enabling them to decarbonize their own operations. At Air Liquide we believe that competitively producing low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia at scale is key to decarbonize the economy. Therefore, among our portfolio of technologies, we can leverage seven decades of experience with our proprietary Autothermal Reforming Technology (ATR) that represents an area of interest for many industrial partners.


Combined with carbon capture, ATR enables industrial scale low-carbon hydrogen or ammonia production, with key advantages such as high carbon capture rate of up to 99%, a high energy efficiency and is considered as a cost-effective solution with ease of operation.

In 2023, Air Liquide's technology was selected for Japan's first ATR demonstration project by INPEX to enable the efficient production of large scale, low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia.

ECO ORIGIN™: certified low-carbon molecules


Many sectors of industry use industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide in their manufacturing processes. Air Liquide actively supports its customers in their transition to a more sustainable economy by offering low-carbon gas options through its ECO ORIGIN™ offer produced using renewable feedstock and energy.


For our customers, this offer helps to significantly reduce their Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions without impacting either the quality of the supplied gas or their processes. The emissions associated with our ECO ORIGIN™ gases are traced right from production to delivery, and their low-carbon footprint is certified to an international ISO standard by an independent certification body.

Many industries such as food, automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceutical, healthcare and electronics are already convinced by this offer. Among the first companies in the food industry is Danone, which has chosen to source CO2 ECO ORIGIN™ to reduce the carbon footprint of its sparkling water.

18 Number of countries deploying the ECO ORIGIN™ offer

100% ECO ORIGIN™ gases produced from 100% renewable energy sources