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Preserving biodiversity

Published on March 28, 2024

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Beyond fighting climate change, Air Liquide is also extending its actions to consider the whole spectrum of its impact on the planet. In most of its activities, Air Liquide has limited impact on biodiversity. Seppic – an Air Liquide subsidiary – is fully aware of the impact that its activities could have on the environment, in particular on biodiversity, and is taking action.


Case study: Seppic

Seppic is an 80-year-old business providing specialty ingredients for the health and beauty sector. More than half of Seppic’s raw materials are from plant origins including seaweeds and botanicals used to produce active ingredients. Seppic is therefore conscious of its role in respecting ecosystems and biodiversity throughout its value chain (from its sourcing, operations, and manufacturing sites to product end-of-life). The analysis of these main impacts led to formalising a biodiversity programme on four pillars, collectively known as ’RICE’:

  • Reduce the pressures on biodiversity generated by our sourcing activities;
  • Integrate biodiversity into our industrial processes and facilities;
  • Control the impacts of products throughout their lifecycle;
  • Engage and empower our stakeholders in support of biodiversity.

For example, from its Pontrieux site in Brittany, which is a member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), along with the Lons site, seaweed is either harvested by hand on the foreshore or at sea by seaweed harvesters approved by the French government authorities. Similarly, in Madagascar, the precise amount of the Centella asiatica plant is ordered annually before the start of the harvest season to ensure the collection of reasonable quantities.

By 2025, 100% of Seppic’s new cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical ingredients manufactured in the Lons & Pontrieux sites will be sourced according to its Ethical Sourcing System(1).

Air Liquide’s biodiversity commitments recognised by Act4nature

In 2023 Air Liquide’s commitments were validated by the Act4nature International initiative. Specifically, it recognised the Company’s commitments to:

  • Reinforce biodiversity criteria in the investment process of all new projects from 2024;
  • Implement an aggregated biodiversity indicator;
  • Raise awareness among our people; and
  • Reaffirm the Group’s climate and water ambitions.


of Seppic’s new ingredients manufactured in Lons & Pontrieux’s sites by 2025 will be sourced according to its Ethical Sourcing System


of Seppic’s new products will be developed using their eco-design approach by 2024

(1)Ethical Sourcing System: a set of policies and procedures that promote Ethical BioTrade practices.