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Water management:
a responsible commitment

Published on March 28, 2024

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It is estimated that, by 2050, 60% of the world’s population, around 6 billion people, will be living in water-stressed areas and experiencing water shortages. Air Liquide is committed to improving its water management wherever we use water in the Group’s processes for two essential purposes: to produce steam for customers and for cooling equipment. The challenge for the Group is to achieve no negative impacts for the environment, local communities, or its industrial processes.


The Group has identified 76 priority sites where we will accelerate the implementation of our water management plan by 2025. These are areas of high water consumption and are located in areas projected to be in high water stress in the future. We will integrate quantitative and qualitative criteria to limit the amount of water consumed and preserve its quality. To achieve this, Air Liquide is working together with local communities and customers, who are all stakeholders in our water management. Air Liquide is going beyond local regulations and existing processes, by developing standards for wastewater and integrating them into our industrial management system. We are also applying them worldwide to guarantee the quality of discharged water wherever we operate.

The levers for action are known, sustainable and replicable: we will adopt new technologies that limit water consumption, combined with water recycling to create a virtuous circle. For future facilities, the Group will integrate new technologies for improved water management in the early design stage of plants.

2023 >90% of water returned to source

2025 Water management plan implemented for 76 priority sites

Our Commitments

  • Establish a water management plan for water-intensive operations in areas of high water stress, aimed at reducing water withdrawal and use risks.
  • Define and implement a Group-wide standard for all operations that goes beyond existing local processes and procedures and will guarantee that the quality of discharged water meets or exceeds applicable local criteria.

Water: managing quantity and quality

90% of water returned to source
* 2023 figures


France: Frais-MaraisOur Frais Marais site – Europe’s second-largest producer of medical gases – has invested in technology to clean water ready for re-use in the production cycle. The result: a 10- fold reduction in the volume of water discharged. Only 700 tonnes of water are discharged today, compared to 7,000 tonnes before the project. Air Liquide has therefore recovered 6,300 tonnes for use internally or externally in customer processes.


Turkey: Kartepe PlantThis site, which produces air gases for industrial and health sectors, has developed two complementary projects to reduce the plant’s water consumption: reusing condensed water and recovering rainwater for the cooling circuit system. The result: a near 10% reduction in water consumption, with scope to enhance quality standards with additional control systems.


“We are working with all stakeholders to optimize our water consumption and maintain water quality at our facilities. At the same time, water management is integrated into the design of our future sites and, true to our DNA, we use the best available technologies for sustainable water consumption.”

Cédric Colin
Sustainable Development – Environment Manager