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Bringing collaboration and flexibility at the office

Published on September 29, 2022

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Since 2020, working patterns in Air Liquide have changed. The Group has adopted new remote and virtual ways of working and shifted from a full-time office to a hybrid model. That is why it is more important than ever that our offices reflect this change and can meet the new needs of our teams.

Deploying an activity-based workspace

For the past three years, Air Liquide has been successfully developing and implementing a new office strategy. Called "Activity-based workplace", it recognizes that through the course of any day, employees engage in many different activities. They need and can choose different types of workspaces to accommodate these activities. This variety takes into account different tasks, work styles, preferences and personalities of employees. Such new workplaces range from lounge-style collaboration spaces to meeting rooms with writable surfaces for brainstorming or phone booths for private calls.

Such a concept is already a reality in Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Australia, Argentina, the United States of America and soon in Germany, Italy and more.

Making the workplaces more inclusive and diverse for all employees

The choice was made to prioritize high-quality spaces keeping the office in the heart of the work ecosystem and achieving positive environmental and social impacts.

The aim is to make the workplaces more inclusive and diverse for all employees, to create a collaborative and creative atmosphere that fosters employee well-being, maximizes productivity, provides opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and developing interactions.

To get a glimpse of this new working environment, follow the day of Sophie!

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