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Women changing the world

Published on March 08, 2022

Because we are convinced at Air Liquide that all our employees play a key role in sustainable development, we wanted to highlight the commitment of the Group's women in this area on the occasion of the International Women's Day.

During the week of March 8th, we wanted to recognize and encourage the inspiring women at Air Liquide who are working for a sustainable future. To mark the occasion, Air Liquide held an internal webinar led by Fabienne Lecorvaisier, Executive Vice President notably in charge of Sustainable Development, on the United Nations theme "Women & Sustainability", and launched a "Post-Her" challenge on the Group’s internal social network. The goal? Highlight the women of Air Liquide who are committed to pushing forward!

Just as the United Nations has made gender equality one of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we have made it one of the pillars of our growth strategy. "Equal opportunities for women and men isn't something you can order; it's mainly about changing behaviors. Air Liquide is working on biases and prejudices to remove barriers and promote a culture of inclusion," says Dana Allen, Leadership and Diversity Program Director. "By leveraging our differences, we can create more sustainable and innovative solutions to the major challenges facing society".

Promoting women's access to careers in industry and science

The goal is also to raise awareness of these differences and continuously improve our HR processes, including recruitment, career management and wage policy. Additionally, there are a whole host of local actions carried out at Air Liquide's entities around the world to increase gender diversity within their teams: events in schools to encourage young women to take up scientific studies, leadership training, mentoring programs and more.

"Women's access to professions in industry and science, which are still predominantly male, is a key issue. Air Liquide believes in improving their access and devotes resources to it, which benefits everyone," emphasizes Edith Lemieux, Director of the Air Liquide University & HR Transformation Projects. We strongly encourage women to build their careers at Air Liquide and have set a specific target that 35% of engineers and managers within the Group should be women by 2025. This figure was 24% in 2010 and 31% in 2021. We are also aiming for a 25% rate of women in senior management (vs. 21% in 2021).

Joining Air Liquide means being able to take concrete and useful steps towards a sustainable society. Learn about the stories of Inès, Marisol and Koudedja, who share their career path within the Group and speak about their desire to change the world. This strong commitment is supported by Air Liquide and is reflected in the definition of ambitious Sustainable Development Goals.

Air Liquide provides an engaging environment where women can develop in technical and management roles while contributing to our ambitious sustainability objectives.

Fabienne Lecorvaisier

Executive Vice President (July 2017 - March 2023)