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The Healthcare business line provides gases and medical products, specialty ingredients and services which support patients along the continuum of care, from the hospital to their home, and help protect the most vulnerable lives.

€3,500 M

revenue in 2018

35 %

of 2018 Gas, Equipment & Services revenue

Air Liquide is one of the world leaders in this business sector, which is subject to both stringent regulatory requirements as well as to multiple stakeholders (patients, doctors and payers). The business line provides products and services in four areas:

  • Medical gases: Air Liquide provides gases to 15,000 hospitals and clinics
  • Home healthcare: Air Liquide cares for more than 1.6 million patients in their homes suffering from chronic diseases
  • Hygiene with its subsidiary Schülke, a leader in hospital disinfection
  • Healthcare specialty ingredients through its subsidiary Seppic

The Healthcare activity, in particular Medical Gases, mainly relies on the gas production capacities of Large Industries and develops its own distribution logistics. Medical gases have a drug designation status which requires market authorization from the country’s health authorities. They are subject to specific pharmaceutical traceability and are supplied in gas or liquid form by qualified personnel. The integration of the Industrial and Healthcare activities has led to synergies and industrial efficiency.

Over the last 20 years, Air Liquide strengthened a leading healthcare role in Western Europe, Canada and Australia. The Group also has businesses in the United States (medical gases only), South America and certain Asian, African and Eastern European countries. It continues to grow in all regions, in particular according to the expansion of healthcare systems. As a result, approximately 71% of the Healthcare business line’s sales are in Europe and around 22% in the Americas.


The Healthcare business produces and distributes medical gases for hospitals and provides medico-technical healthcare services for the care of patients at home. It operates in a strict regulatory framework. Density, quality of support services and efficiency are essential criteria that help to offset pricing pressures of healthcare systems, particularly in advanced economies.

Air Liquide is present along the continuum of care: from treatment of acute diseases (with medical gases in hospitals), to treatment of chronic diseases at home (with Home Healthcare), and prevention/well-being (with businesses in Hygiene and Healthcare specialty ingredients).

With aging populations and the escalating need for care due to the increase in chronic diseases, as well as the continuing expansion of healthcare systems in developing economies, the Healthcare activity represents a solid growth driver for the Group.

Air Liquide protects vulnerable lives throughout the world.

hospitals and clinics served

1.6 million